Superhero Encounters

I have been studying about these heroes for ages. They might not know,and we might now know either,but they are real. They come from a different reality,though. Now,the barrier has been broken and there are heroes entering our world. These are my interviews with the people who have seen them. In a few months,I will show these interviews to Mister Stan Lee and will travel back in time (yes,I have a time machine) to see Mister Nicholson and find all the answers to these questions...


2. Encounter 2:Jason Todd (oh you know you saw this coming!)

Encounter 2:Jason Todd (you know you saw this coming!)

Person who encounters:Olive Earnheart


Appearance:short,neither skinny nor fat, sparkling brown eyes,jet black hair (mostly in two ponytails),and Asian

Person she encounters:Jason Todd

Well,I was walking back home from school,since I wanted mommy and daddy to do their own thing. Me, being really bossy at home...I wanted to do them a favor. So they let my Auntie and Uncle (they aren't married. They're siblings) walk me home. Auntie was older,so she could find our way home for us and we just followed.

We lived in New York,which wasn't as scary as Mommy and Daddy had said. Our school is close to home,or...Auntie says so...,and ah,we know the people. I remember Aidan and Mike,who we haven't visited since last year,and Randy,and all these other nice people. So we're safe.

But we always pass this dark alley. It's always scary and sometimes,I see people in it. Some dark,but not scary shape,in a car, coming up to a boy who was taking something. His clothes were looking bad and he had cuts and w...wounds? Yeah,wounds. And I'd try to say hi,but Auntie always moves me along,like no one was there.

And then...we saw him!

It was on Friday and it was half-day. Auntie and Uncle were talking about a movie called "Under the Red Hood" that we watched last night( Auntie seemed like she was about to cry every time she saw the first scene...),and it was really fun. When we passed by the alley,I saw a new person. He had black hair,but a white part right (she pointed at one part of her bangs),and he had biker clothes. The scary thing was that he was sharpening a knife.

But I knew him. I don't know how,but I knew the guy.

I began walking to him,across the street, when Uncle and Auntie said "OLIVE!". I turned to find a truck right in front of me when something caught me and took me somewhere safe. I rubbed my head with my hand like this (she gestured), and said "What happened?" A boy's voice said "You were almost hit" but in a kind of angry and tough voice. I turned my head fast to see the boy I wanted to go to!

"You're new" I said. "I've never seen you in this alley." He coughed,as if laughing,but not meaning it. "Yeah,'cause I moved in" he told me. I think I told him about the people I kept seeing...yeah. I did. And he blinked harder than you normally blink and longer. He was about to cry.

"Don't cry,Mister New Guy" I said,the way Mommy tells me whenever I get hurt. "We can find those people again!" He wiped his eyes,even though tears didn't fall off. "Kid,I don't cry. I don't have emotions" he said. I began laughing and he got all mad. "What're you laughing about kid?!" He asked. I coughed,then said "because you said you don't have emotion. But EVERYONE has emotions! Mommy has emotion,Daddy has emotion, Mamma, Papa, Auntie Lizzy,Uncle E.Y...." "You can stop right there" he said. I nodded. "But see? Everyone has emotion! And you do too!" I poked at his big chest. He sighed. "Look, that's precious,really,kid,but I don't think you know me. I'm different." I smiled up at him. "Everyone is different,Mister..." I took in air like this (gasping). "I didn't get your name!"

"Why would you want to know my name?" He asked. "Because I want to be your friend!" I told him. He laughed fakely again. "Okay,we'll be...friends. But only if you tell me how you knew about that little scenario" he said. "You mean with the little boy and the big man?" I asked. He nodded. "I just saw them! And then,last night,I watched under the Red Hood--"

"Red Hood?"the guy asked. I nodded. "There's a movie about him?" He asked. "Not a lot of people know,except for his fans and the comic fans" "THERE'S COMICS?!" He asked. I giggled. "You're funny" I said. "I want to be your friend forever"

And then,we kept talking. I always answered his questions,which were about Red Hood and Batman stuff,and I asked him too...but it took a long time to answer. I was okay with that. It was like he was giving me a fan test on how good I knew them. Auntie and Uncle have prepared this for my whole life. But I wanted to know his name,but he wouldn't tell me,no matter how many times I yell.

"MISTER!"I yelled when he was asking me about Batgirl's parents. "I WANNA GO HOME!" I checked my watch and saw it was five o'clock. "Oh no" I started to cry. People who came by looked at Mister,so I tried to stop. "Hey"he said and tried to wipe away my tears. "M-mommy and D-Daddy.." I said. "They're going to get Auntie and Uncle in trouble. And they're going to be sad too. And Mamma. And Papa. All because of me" I sat on the dirty floor and hugged my bent legs and cried on them. But I felt someone rub my back the way Daddy did whenever I was sad.

"Kid"he said,but not in his normal voice. He was talking like he cared about me. "I'm going to take you home,as long as it's not far from here" I nodded. And he smiled. The guy who said he didn't have emotions smiled at me. "Now tell me where to go" he said and got me on my feet.

I was walking and holding Mister's hand until we went to my house. "I'm home,Mister! I'm home!"I said and hugged him. "And I bet you're happy to be" "'Course I'm Happy! Mommy and Daddy call me that!" The big guy laughed a little bit and said "'Cause you're one happy kid." I smiled,showing my teeth. And then,I looked at my house and back at him. "Will you be back?"I asked. He put his shoulders up and then back down. "I need to go home"he said. I looked at my feet. "Okay..."I said. I looked back at him,who was looking at me. "Will you miss me?" I asked. "Or am I not really--" "yes." He said. I let the water fall down my face and I hugged the guy. He just put one arm around me,but it felt as nice as Auntie picking EM up and giving me hugs and kisses. I let go and waved a little before he stopped me.

"Kid" he said. I turned around. "I'll give you a clue about my name if you tell me yours." I smiled and said "Olive Earnheart". He smiled,took my hand and knocked at the door.

"OLIVE?!"Mommy was so happy,she picked me up and hugged me,giving kisses all over my face. And then she turned to Mister. "Who the--something are you?" She said. "My name's Jason" he said,and looked at me fastly. I smiled at him. "Jason Grace" "Well,JASON" Mommy said,and she was about to get all mad at him,saying these bad words when amount is tapped her shoulder. "Ate" she said (pronounced "ah-teh" and is a formal way to address a female person close to you in the Phillippines). "It's okay. I know him." Uncle got up and said "Yeah! We pass by him a lot!" Auntie blinked one eye at Jason and he let out a chuckle. "Yeah,I see these kids a lot" Jason said. Mommy rolled her eyes. "Okay,Mister Grace" she said. "IF you EVER take my kid again,I'm calling the...bad word...cops on you. YOU GET THAT?!" Jason nodded,shoved his hands in his pockets,and walked out,smiling at me.

That was a few months ago. Jason never called. He never went back to the alley,and neither did the boy or the big shadow. Now,it's an empty,dirty alley. I miss them. More,I miss Jason. He was fun to play with and I wanted to invite him over. But later,Auntie and Uncle tell me that his last name isn't Grace. Grace is the last name of someone from Auntie's books. It's Todd.


Answer to my final question(Do you believe in them?):As much as I know he's going to be back. So,yup!

Real A/N:Olive was dedicated to my Bucky-loving niece. Why I did not choose Bucky,I do not know. (Yeah,you're all going to murder me for this...)I guess it's just that my idea of her personality in the future sounds better for Jase and I was getting desperate trying to add Jason in ASAP XP that movie really messed me up in the emotion department ;-;

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