Superhero Encounters

I have been studying about these heroes for ages. They might not know,and we might now know either,but they are real. They come from a different reality,though. Now,the barrier has been broken and there are heroes entering our world. These are my interviews with the people who have seen them. In a few months,I will show these interviews to Mister Stan Lee and will travel back in time (yes,I have a time machine) to see Mister Nicholson and find all the answers to these questions...


1. Encounter 1:Hank McCoy

Encounter 1:Hank McCoy

(Alright,so before I write down the details,I'm writing everything,word for word,that the person has to say about their experiences. Also,take the blurb as an introduction. Thank you.)

Person who encounters:Elizabeth Jamison


Appearance:short,tan skin,black hair,Asian

Person he/she encounters:Henry (Hank) McCoy

I was walking around Marshall's with my mother and brother. They were buying something I wasn't quite sure of. Shoes? Nope. Had to do with clothes,though. I wasn't much interested,and neither was my five-year-old brother, Mike. I just knew the clothes were for the both of us.

So yeah,we were shopping. In line,my mom pointed at the chips and I was a little hungry,so when we were called,I went up to the bag. It wasn't chips,like I thought,but it was delicious cheese-flavored popcorn,which,were in fact,my favorite type. I was studying thane bags when someone asked me "May I help you?"

I turned my head to see a guy behind the counter who resembled Nicholas Hoult A LOT. He had short,brown hair, nice brown eyes,and a shy smile. But if he was Nicholas,he wouldn't be working here. And he wouldn't be dressing up as Hank McCoy in public.

I told him I didn't need help,but I'd like to ask a few questions. He let me and I asked hi a few things I knew about X Men and my brother. Like, "Do mutants exist" and "Does Raven Darkholme have a son?" He answered everything right...except for the things that happened AFTER "Days of the Future Past". I thanked him and he gestured hi hand towards my waiting mother and brother.

After that,I did my research. I looked up things about Hank McCoy and it all described the man's personality. His smile,the way he spoke... Even the MOVIES described him perfectly! So I never forgot that day. Whenever I go to Marshall's and we buy something,I'm always studying the chips,waiting for someone to ask me if I needed help.


In all my honesty,this is a BRILLIANT young girl. She spoke clearly and slowly and asked all my questions. I can't tell you all of my questions,but I'll always tell you the last one:"Do you believe in them?"

She said yes.

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