Happily (Loved You First Sequel)


5. No

Lexi’s P.O.V:

When Darcy and Ashton went outside I was left talking to Mikey, Calum and Luke, the 3 of them were really nice and they were really funny too. After a while Luke and Mikey decided to go out and get some snacks for a movie night leaving me and Calum talking, I found out that me and him actually have a lot more in common than I thought. After a while Luke and Mikey came in followed by everyone else, mum came in and passed me a very tired Logan who just snuggled in and fell asleep as always when mum passes him to me. Not long after Darcy and Ashton walked in and sat on the floor, Darcy leaning on her dad’s legs and Ashton leant on Luke’s and we had dinner and a movie night together.

After the film everyone went home including me, Logan, mum and dad, once we got in I put Logan to bed and climbed into be myself seeing a text from Calum?

From: CalPal <3:

Heyy Lexi :) its Calum, I um added my number when you went to get a drink, sorry. xx

To: CalPal<3

Thanks Calum :P bit rude but oh well xx aha well now I can annoy you more xx

From: CalPal <3

That’s fine, but you will pay for it ;) xx

To: CalPal <3

It’s on ;) but for now I’m gunna go to sleep, night CalPal :p xx

From: CalPal <3

Ok night Lexi xx <3

I smiled looking at my phone before putting it on my bedside table and falling asleep.

Calum’s P.O.V:

After everyone left the boys and I crashed out in Harry’s lounge as that’s where we’re staying for a few days before we go back on tour again, they rest of the boys had fallen asleep and you could hear their light snores, I couldn’t get to sleep so I decided to text Lexi but she was just as tired so when she went to sleep I decided that maybe I should try to as well.

The next morning I was awake before anyone else so I just sat up against the sofa that Mikey was asleep on texting Lexi and playing games on my phone, I heard Mikey move behind me and all of a sudden I heard him say, “you really do like Lexi don’t you?” I looked back at him “is it really that obvious? I’ve only known her a day” he smiled and pinched my cheek like a child “awr little Calum has a crush” he laughed as Darcy came down in her pj’s and sitting next to me “who?” she asked smiling, I blushed as Mikey just grinned.

“Lexi” he said answering for me and she smiled giggling.
“Awwrr that’s so cute” Darcy smiled hugging me, “she likes you too, I can tell” she winked as I gave her a confused look, “how?” I asked. She just shrugged.

“It’s a girl thing” I just nodded as Luke and Ashton stirred, Darcy smiled and put her finger up to her lip signalling for Mikey and I to be quiet as she crawled behind Luke and held his nose, as he snorted and woke up she backed away “Mikey fuck off” he mumbled opening his eyes to see that Mikey was still in bed, the 3 of us were laughing until she told us to be quiet again as she crawled behind Ashton and blew in his ear but as she did so he pulled her down on top of him and tickled her.

Darcy’s P.O.V:

As I went to blow in Ashton’s ear he pulled me down tickling me, I screamed a little and laughed more struggling to breathe because I was laughing so much, the boys were laughing too “Ash stop….stop I can’t breath…” Ashton stopped soon after and I thought he had listened until I realised that the boys had stopped too, that’s when I looked left and saw my dad and I sighed frowning. I could tell he was annoyed because he was all tensed and annoying but then when mum came down and rubbed his arm he relaxed a little. “Darcy, kitchen please” dad said, I groaned and got up following him into the kitchen.

“What do you think your doing Darcy Anne Styles?” dad asked annoyed, I looked at him in disbelief, mum came in behind me and rubbed my arms because she knew I was annoyed “I think I was having a laugh with the boys” I snapped and my dad gave me a look”

“Harry leave it babe, she wasn’t doing anything wrong” my mum defended me but my dad just shook his head, “your are not to date any of the boys, or even think about dating one of them” I looked at him shocked and shook my head.

“No. You can tell me what I can and can’t do but you cannot tell me who I’m allowed to date! That’s my business not yours!” I screamed at him, the tears stinging in my eyes, my mum tried to calm me but I shook her off and ran up to my room. I got dressed (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=140285460) and walked out slamming the door behind me and walked to the park sitting on a swing the tears finally falling.

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