Happily (Loved You First Sequel)


8. Giant Sleepover

Darcy’s P.O.V:

As we all got back to Niall’s, he decided that it would be a good idea to have a giant sleepover with all 19 of us, so Zayn, dad, Liam, Louis, Lexi and I all squeezed into the car and drove around each of our houses to pick up come clothes, all of them allowing me and Lexi to choose the outfits for mum Perrie, Ella and Eleanor. When we got back all the 5SOS boys, Perrie, Eleanor and Ella had started drinking, so as soon as dad, Zayn, Louis and Liam walked in they started to drink too. After a while everyone was laughing and joking, Logan, Ethan were in their travel cots in the new babies room, and Noah was curled up in one of the spare bedrooms. It started to get a bit much for me so I went up into Niall's tree house and sat on the beanbag playing on my phone in my pj’s.

Ashton's P.O.V:

Everyone was singing, dancing and laughing most of us drunk except Lauren, Jordan, Lexi and Darcy. I was looking for Darcy to talk to her for a bit, as I hadn’t seen her since they got back from getting clothes. I walked into the lounge to see if I could find her but she wasn’t in there, I checked upstairs and noticed a light on in the tree house out the back, I figured it must be her as she's not anywhere else.

I went out into the garden and climbed up the ladder and pulled myself onto the wooden floor grunting a little as I grazed my knee on the edge, causing Darcy to look up at me. “Hey baby, what are you doing up here? I haven’t seen you all night,” I said as I crawled over to the beanbag she was sitting on, the only response I received was a shrug. I got a little hurt thinking that Darcy didn’t want to talk to me but I carried on crawling over to her and pulled her wrists apart lightly and crawled into the gap leaning on my hands either side of her. “Baby what's wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?”

“Its taken you 2 hours to actually bother to come and find me, while you were all caught up drinking and getting drunk, I bet no one’s even realised that I'm not down there.” She said looking at me with tears in her eyes “that’s not true baby, every time I've come to talk to you, someone else has distracted me or given me another drink, I'm sorry it seemed like I didn’t care but I do, I really do” I replied rubbing her arm, “all I wanna do now is cuddle you and kiss you and tell you how much you mean to me” I said sitting up and putting my arms out but she doesn’t move.

I get up and sigh walking back to the ladder as Jordan appears “there you are, Darce how long have you been up here?” she asks and all Darcy does is shrug, earning a sigh from both of us causing Darcy to throw her phone to the side and cover her face crying. Jordan climbs up and crawls over pulling her into her arms. “What's going on Darcy boo? Why are you so upset? You two aren’t arguing are you?” Jordan asks looking at me, I shake my head and so does Darcy. “No one even realised I was gone for over an hour, I've been sat up here for ages, when I was downstairs no one was interested in talking to me or involving me” Darcy said sniffing.

“Oh baby…I'm sorry, come on? Come back down?” Jordan suggests but Darcy just shakes her head, Jordan looks at me and I shrug, “well stay up here then and have cuddles with Ashton?” she suggests and again she shakes her head “you want me to stay up here?” Jordan asks and Darcy nods, I sigh and go back inside.


It must have been around 2 in the morning that everyone finally went to sleep, and right now it was 10:30 in the morning, I couldn’t understand why I was up this early but I was. I slowly got up off of the lounge floor and stretched rubbing my eyes, before making my way into the kitchen to see Jordan making a cup of coffee, “morning” I said.

“Morning hun, you're up early?” she said smiling, I nodded yawning.

“Yeah, how's Darcy?” I asked worried that she was still upset with me.

“Um, she's in bed at the moment, she was still a bit upset last night but we had a chat and she's okay now, I think she just got herself worked up thinking that you weren’t interested” Jordan said taking a sip of her coffee. “I wish she didn’t feel that way, I feel like such an idiot, I should have just gone to find her and kept her close” I replied sighing.

“It’s not your fault hun, I promise”

A few hours later and everyone started to wake up, Perrie and Eleanor had gone up to get Logan and Ethan, after Noah had run down and told us that they were awake, and Lauren and Niall had started to cook breakfast, I was looking around to see if I could find Darcy but she hadn't come down yet. Harry came over to me sipping on his tea, “Ash mate, could you go up and get Darce, I think she’d appreciate it more if you went up” he asked, I nodded and put my mug down “yeah sure” I said and went upstairs to find Darcy.

Once I had found the bedroom that Darcy was in I peeped in and saw that she was still in bed playing on her phone facing away from me, so I quietly snuck in and crawled into the bed behind her wrapping my arms round her. “Morning gorgeous” I whispered.

“Morning” she mumbled turning in my arms to face me. I smiled and pecked her lips, “I'm really sorry about how I treated you last night,” she said trying to move closer, I pulled her in as close as I could get her. “Don’t worry about it Darce, its all sorted now, I have you back and your happy” I replied nuzzling her neck leaving a light kiss, “breakfast is nearly ready, and there's loads of fresh coffee down there too” I said.

“Can you carry me down?”  Darcy giggles, and I let out a slight laugh but agree carrying her downstairs and sitting her on one of the breakfast bar stools staying near as she wouldn’t let me go.

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