Happily (Loved You First Sequel)


6. Baby it's cold outside

Ashton’s P.O.V:

The boys and I all sat quietly while Darcy was talking to her dad when all of a sudden the front door slammed, making the four of us jump. About half an hour later Jordan came in, “um Harry’s gone to the studio with the boys, Ashton could you try to find Darcy, she’s not answering her phone” I nodded and slowly got up and got my stuff to go upstairs and get ready “thank you so much” she smiled, I think she knew that we heard everything that was said.

After getting ready I came back down and said goodbye to Jordan and the boys and left to find Darcy, I walked for about 10 minutes before I came across a small park, and there sat a small figure sat on the swings. I slowly made my way towards the park and as I got closer I realised it  was Darcy, I started running over and came to a walk as I got closer. The gate squeaked as I opened it but Darcy didn’t move so I went up behind her wrapping my arms firmly round her and nuzzling her neck pecking it lightly. “Your mums worried about you babe” I mumbled into her neck.

“So?” she mumbled, I pulled back and crouched in front of her holding her hands.

“Fuck, your hands are freezing. Come on lets go back, the boys have gone out for a bit, its just your mum at home?” I said trying to look in her eyes but she just shook her head. I sighed not knowing what to do, before pulling her up and holding her back, lifting her chin and kissing her, to my surprise she kissed back resting her hands on my chest. After we pulled away I looked at her “come back? You’re freezing Darce” she slowly nodded sighing and I smiled in relief before taking her hand and we went back to her house, as we came back in her mum ran and hugged her.

Darcy’s P.O.V:

As Aston and I walked through the door my mum ran in and hugged me, tears filling her eyes and her voice cracking as she thanked Ashton. “Sorry mum” I mumbled as she held my cold face in her warm hands, “I thought you’d run away, please don’t do that to me again Darcy” she said as the tears fell, and I started doing the same. “Don’t listen to your dad ok? If you and Ashton are happy together then that’s your choice not his” I looked at her in surprise and nodded. “We’re all going out for a meal tonight, I’m gunna go start getting ready” my mum said and I nodded looking at Ashton as my mum went upstairs.

Ashton stood smiling at me and I wrapped my arms round his neck and kissed him smiling until my dad walked through the door “Darcy!” he shouted but before he said anything else I shouted back “mum said I could! You can’t control my life forever, and you can’t tell me who I can and can’t be with!” My dad looked at me shocked but soon his face softened, and he nodded looking down, “you’re right I’m sorry” he replied before going upstairs. Ashton looked at me and pecked me “go get ready baby, I’ll see you in a minute” I nodded and made my way upstairs to my room and sat on my bed, my mum coming in with her hair and make-up already done. “Your dad told me what happened, he’s really sorry baby” she said softly and I nodded “I know he is and I forgive him, I just need help on what to wear” I said looking at her and she smiled getting up and going into my wardrobe and pulling out the most elegant dress in there and I smiled. “How about this one?” she asked.

“I love it” I smiled nodding, I sat at my dressing table and my mum grabbed my brush and did my hair before going back to finish getting dressed. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=143454448)





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