My life

This is the story of tee. Read on to find out what she had to do to become who she is today.


3. chapter two

Me and Liam were walking home "well their a huge list first of all i want to be a model if that doesn't work out then actress then hopeful it doesn't have to come to it but a teacher. What about you Liam"

That was what we talked about for the hole way home. When we got home everything changed.

"Mum i'm home and Liam here" i shouted from the front door but no one answered. "MUM" i yelled again yet still no answered. "Liam I'm scared mum always answers me and ray always come out and give me a huge hug

"They might have gone to the park" Liam said trying to comfit me "yer but their always leave me a note saying that they gone out" i told him trying not to sound rude.

It was by 6:30 by the time my dad got home from Niall's and he ask where mum and the little ones where so i had to say that i didn't know she hasn't been home scene i got with Liam (who was gonna stay round that night)

"Have u called ur nanny yet" dad said " i didn't think of that but she always leave a note saying she gone our dad" "tee babe as i said she might have forgot to leave one"

It was 9:30 when my mum got home and me and Liam were in bed watching clueless. "Tee, harry, Hollie & harley I'm home". "Ellie where have u been we have been scared so much about the kids and u". "Harry i have been at mum as she ill i told hollie to tell u when i saw her."

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