My life

This is the story of tee. Read on to find out what she had to do to become who she is today.


1. chapter one

It hard been me. Everyone always asking me if im like my mum or my dad. The answer is and alway will be no. My dad is harry styles yes the harry styles in one direction and my mum is Eleanor May Simmonds yes the Paralympic swimmer. My mum said i can be who i want to be. The reason why i not like my mum is because i don't like swimming even though my mum thought me how i just don't like swimming that much i mean i will swim when were on holiday bit that the only time u will see me swim and then i cant really sing well my dad and he's friend say i can but their just being nice so i don't get upset.

If u want to know what i do i'm still in school but I'm very popularly so i have lots of friends and we sit at the cool table.

More about me. Well to start of i'm called Tee and i'm 18 i have a 17 year old bother called Harley, a 15 year old sister called Hollie, a 4 year old sister called Darcy and a 2 year old brother called ray so u can say I'm the oldest out of 5 and yes it hard because mum always ask me to get stuff for even though i got my A level coming up. I also have a 19 year old boyfriend called Liam Byrne and yes he's not famous he like the only thing in my life that not famous. I go to famous high school (what a name) it for kids with famous mum and dad. My best friend are Chloe Horan, Millie Payne, Dexter Tomlinson, Charlie Malik, Tom Cyrus

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