My 5 angles

Samantha has always had a tough time with her peers at school. Her only friend is her brother who is there only when she is at home. But when a class member of her brothers offers him a big surprise for his sister... Will things change for her. Will her demons realise that she was no different than before...

Violence is vaguely described



After the concert I was buzzing.

Meeting them

Being able to say thank you to them for giving me an escape from all of the bullies.

When we walk in there is about 60 other girls and their family with them. And we was last.

I knew that meeting them was going to be amazing. Just being the last ones that they meet I knew that they were going to be tired.

It finally came to the girls in front if me I was looking at them they were as perfect as they always are. I saw Harry look over at me. I smiled and waved at him. When I waved the Sleeve of my cardigan fell down to my elbow, exposing the cuts and scars. I quickly pulled it up to my wrist. I then glanced at the boys saying good bey to the girl.

When I walked over. Harry came towards me. He reached out and hugged me. I was not expecting this. When he let go of me I walk with him over to the other boys.

"Hi..." I was so nervous.

"Hey... What are those marks on your arm?" Harry didn't even hesitate to ask.

"I've been bullied and they beet me up by throwing glass bottles at me... It's fine tho... You guys got me through this." I was just so relived to get this off of my chest. Finally able to tell them.

"Thank you for everything. You guys have been my rock."

"We only do what we do because of people like you." Niall's voice was so amazing.

"Do you mind if I see?" Zayn was very inquisitive about my arms.

"Yeah." I removed my cardigan. My arms were exposed. I looked up from my arms and see their faces. Harry was looking devastated. Zayn was shocked. Louis couldn't look. Liam walked over to me and put his arm round me. And Niall was in disbelief.

"This is what happened?" Liam, I could see, had tears in his eyes.

"It's fine honestly." I was pulling my cardigan on again.

"I'm so... Sorry." Niall then walked over to me and kissed my scars. I couldn't help but feel flattered. I now couldn't hold it in.

"I'm sorry... It's not fine. I have put up with it for too long and being pulled out of school won't help this. Some of these have been there since I was young. I've never belonged. That's why I have you guys." I was crying like crazy.

"Oh my..." Louis just wrapped his arms round me.

After about 10 minuets of cheering me up, taking photos and talking. It was time for them to leave

"Please, Paul, give me two seconds?" Harry asked

"Ok" he was so kind

Harry waked over and held my hand. He slipped a small bit of paper into it and kissed my forehead. As he walked away,again, curiosity took over I looked at what was scrawled across the paper

"Text me any time." Then his number.

I don't think I have ever smiled so much...

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