My 5 angles

Samantha has always had a tough time with her peers at school. Her only friend is her brother who is there only when she is at home. But when a class member of her brothers offers him a big surprise for his sister... Will things change for her. Will her demons realise that she was no different than before...

Violence is vaguely described



Since my mum has found out about the bullies she won't let me go into school. She is really worried that it will happen every day.

Since I have been pulled out of school for the rest of the year, I have a lot of spare time... But not today.

I wake up and the day has finally rolled around!

When I wake up I can hear a booming coming from down stairs. I run down thinking the worst, but it's only Matt. He has got one direction booming out of the speakers. I walk up to him to give him a hug. I then look at his shirt. He had snuck into my room and got one of my one direction t-shirts.

When little things came on and Harry did his solo my brother who is 18 fangirled in the middle of our kitchen shouting

"Oh my... It harry! He is so fit ahhh!"

After breakfast me and Matt went to go and get changed.

When I was changing I looked at myself in the mirror my face had fixed completely. If you only saw my face you wouldn't believe that two weeks ago I was bleeding.

I look down to my arms all of the scars were still there.

After about 2 hours on the train, and an hour of walking I was finally there. Stood outside of Wembley with Matt. All I could see everywhere was girls running around in merchandise. I didn't expect what happened next.

Matt has been at medical school part time. The other days of the week he was working at a small shop on the corner of the street.

When we was walking around I was pointing out things that I really liked. Stuff like t-shirts, key rings, hoodies just merchandise. It came to the point where I really needed the loo. So I hoped into one of the portable loos outside and then when I came out I couldn't see Matt. I started to panic like crazy. I then was calling him and texting him like mad. I didn't know what to do. After about 10 minuets of panicking he walks round the corner.

"Where the hell have you been?!"

"I've been getting you this..."

I suddenly look to his hands. Bags. He went and bought me stuff.

" need that money... For school?"

"Your worth it tho. After everything I thought that today I would treat you like a princess."

"Thank you."

I was so touched by this. But I already felt like I Owens the world. I was seeing one direction. Then after the concert I was meeting them!

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