My 5 angles

Samantha has always had a tough time with her peers at school. Her only friend is her brother who is there only when she is at home. But when a class member of her brothers offers him a big surprise for his sister... Will things change for her. Will her demons realise that she was no different than before...

Violence is vaguely described


2. New chapter

Waking up the next day was painfully good. Knowing that in 2 weeks I would see and meet my angles was glorious. But knowing that I would have to endure more abuse from my peers was soul destroying.

"Sam?" It's Matt I always know it's Matt no one els dares to enter my room

"You up?"

"Yeah" my voice is very groggy

"Your not going to school. I have said to mum that you was up all night coughing and sneezing. She will be at work all day. I'm off today as well. We are going to go out and do something."


"No buts! We are going to have fun."

He then passes me some leggings a t-shirt and his old leather jacket that I have now claimed. We leave the house just after everyone els does. We jump into Matts car and drive for 30 minuets to the shopping Centre. We walk in and I see a couple of the boys who damaged me. I hide behind my brother he automatically knows what's wrong. We walk away calmly until they spot me. I feel one of them pull my hair. I let out a small wince. I am clinging into Matt for dear life! There grasp on my hair weakens. I turn to see a large crowd of people forming around us. I move away to the edge and a Old lady puts her hand on my shoulder and asks if I'm ok I just say nothing I can't handle. She then has a disappointing look on her face. I return my concentration to Matt. He is talking (to put it nicely) to the boys. I can't exactly remember what was said but all I know is that I got an apology form both of them and a promise that they will leave me alone. That's 2/10 dealt with.

A fue hours later we returned home. No sooner do we get in mum pulls into the drive way. When we was out we was talking about telling mum about the bullies. I had agreed to tell her on my own.

"Mum... Can I... Talk to... You please?"

"If corse babe."

We walked into the kitchen. My heart was pounding out if my chest.

"I have to tell you something. Your not going to like it but I have to tell you..."


"I am being bullied for being 'fat' and I have been beaten up and assaulted." I pull my hood off of my head so she can see my face. My eye was still a little bruised and my lip was still a bit swollen. I show her my arms. Try are covered with bruises, scrapes and cuts from where they threw bottles at me.

"Why did you keep this from me?"

"Because you was already stressed and you have not ever really got much time. Only Matt knew before now."

"So mats helped you through this whole thing?"

"Not just him... One Direction helped a lot too."

"But they don't know you?"

"But I will know them some day and that will be the day I have been living for. And it is just around the corner."

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