Ava,Tia and Mia gift: The Tia Reborn

Twin sister Ava and Mia power over the souls and they can open the the door to the souls world. Ave can see life and Mia can see death and both can brougth people back to life. Mia and Ave found out they are really triplets. Tia were reborn.


2. The morning

Next morning, everybody wake up and got ready school and work. They are in the kitchen table eating breakfast, Ave and Mia was still shaking up by last night. Their mother asks is "everything okay?"  They did not say anything, but look at each other and got up. Ave and Mia walk in the hallway. "I have a crazy dream last night." Say Mia.


"Me too." said Ave.


"About what?" asked Mia?


"People come back to life and babies being born." said Ave.


"My about people and babies dying." say Mia.


The mother come out of the kitchen and looks at them. She got on her knees and hugs them. The mother got up and takes them into the living room. She walks by the books shelf and pick the book Spell casting for Beginners. She them the and say " You not going to school, because we need to talk. She takes her phone and calls her twin sister Magert.


 A knock on the door and the mother answers it. "What wrong?" asked the sister.


"Come in" Said the mother. The mother closes the door and pulled her to the side. She got a look on like she saw the devil. The mother told her sister "Ave and Mia got their power.


They back in the living room and started explain what going. Before the mother or the mother sister can explain, a big loud hiss sound come out of nowhere.

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