Ava,Tia and Mia gift: The Tia Reborn

Twin sister Ava and Mia power over the souls and they can open the the door to the souls world. Ave can see life and Mia can see death and both can brougth people back to life. Mia and Ave found out they are really triplets. Tia were reborn.


1. The door open


One night in Ava room while in her dream a lot of baby is born and people came back to life. That making her having trouble sleeping. Mean time in Mia room in her dream a lot of people is dies. They have trouble sleeping. In the middle of the hallway by their room a big dark door open up and a powerful demon with red mark on his face and his looked like a human. A big bomb went off by their room.


They run to their parent room and jump in their bed. They wake up and asked “what wrong". They tell them and their dad went to checking it out. Something pushes him, he look around to see who push him. He went back the room and everybody went to sleep.

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