The Purge

One night.
One helpless girl.
One man killing.


1. Chapter One

Arielle's POV

"Honey, please be back in 15 minutes." My mother said. "Yes mom" I said as I kissed her cheek. She faintly smiled as I grabbed my bag. I walked out out apartment door and down the stairs. I walked out of our apartment building. I walked down the sidewalk and knocked on my best friend, Taylor,'s house. Her mother opened the door "Hello Arielle." She smiled. "Hi Mrs. Denwalds" I greeted. "Taylor is in her room." She said, moving out of the doorway. "Thank you" I replied as I walked up the stairs and walked into Taylor's room. "Hey Ari. Why are you here?" She asked "Just to hangout!" I smiled. "Arielle, we have 30 minutes until lockdown." Taylor said, looking at me through her mirror. "Taylor. I live 5 minutes from you."

Authors POV

25 minutes passed until Arielle finally noticed what time it was "Shit" She cursed under her breath. "What?" Taylor asked. "I have to go." Arielle answered, grabbing her bag and running out the door. She jogged to her apartment building to see the gate closing "No no no" She repeated. She grabbed her phone and quickly called her mom. "Crap" She mumbled when no one answered. She looked around as she heard a siren go off, signaling the purge was starting.

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