Tour Bus?

Police Report: 19 Year old Emily Williams found guilty and sentenced to 3 months in jail for breaking and entering the "One Direction tour bus, and staying on the tour bus for 2 weeks."


2. Getting Ready.

As i lay on my queen sized bed reading One Direction fan fictions my phone starts to ring. Its been awhile since anyone has ever called me! It was a blocked number, as usual i just decline it. Going back into reading my phone starts to ring again. The same number appeared on the screen. I declined it again. I finally got to the last chapter of my book, i had been waiting awhile for the author to finish it. I exit the Movellas app i have on my ipad and head to my bathroom. I grabbed my phone so i can play games before i shower. I put on some One Direction music 'like always' and pop into the steaming hot water. I usually sit in the shower until all the hot water is gone, but for some reason it felt the water would never go cold. My music shut off over and over again, i just thought it was my radio going in and out. Once my water finally got cold i died myself off and put some pajamas on. I unplug my phone from my bathroom radio and notice that i have 12 missed calls from the same blocked number that had called me earlier. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I plopped onto my bed and turned the lamp off next to me. I unlocked my phone and again i had now 27 missed calls from the blocked number. I didnt know what they wanted but it was driving me crazy. I closed my eyes drifting off into sleep thinking about my parents, about when i last heard their voices, felt their warm hugs, their sweet kisses on my forehead when they wake me up in the morning. I open my eyes and see nothing but darkness in my room. Tears started streaming down my face. I went to go turn on some music but again my phone started to ring. I chunked my phone at my wall. I started humming 'Somthing Great' that was the song that always helped me but always made me think of my parents. I soon drifted off into a deep long sleep. 

It was me, my mom and my dad at the airport. I was saying my last good byes to them. I waved goodbye to them and watched their plane lift off onto the air. I was walking to my car that someone was waiting to take me home. I get in the back and there in the back were 4 strange people with masks on their faces. I hop in the passenger and the driver again was wearing a mask.

"Where to my lady?" 

"Please just take me home." 

I put on my seat belt and the driver hurried out the parking lot of the airport.

"Hello speed racer could you go any faster?" Someone in the back said.
I knew that voice, it was so familiar. I just couldnt get my finger on it. The driver pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the car. I was on my phone texting my mom that i loved her when someone behind me snatched my phone out my hands. I tried to get it back by sticking my arm through the space between my door and my seat. The person reached its hand all the way behind him. Once he look away i took off my seat belt and jumped in the back seat landing on-top of 2 people. I jumped on the person who had my phone. And squeezed my hand to his. I pried my phone out and quickly searched to see if my message had sent. It did thank god. I was too busy looking at the text my mom had sent back when  i didn't notice the position i was in with this strange person. I was sitting completely on-top of him facing him, with my chest against his and my legs on either side having my feet dangle a little off the each other the seat. I turned off my phone and looked up at the masked person. I opened his door and hopped off of him. I went back into the passenger and put my seat belt on. 

"So we stopped so someone can take my phone away?" I said while giving a dirty look back to the 4 people behind me. 

The driver looked back at them and said "Im hungry are you?"

They all shook their heads and the driver started the car again. The car wouldnt start. 

"Of course my luck!" I said while getting out. 

The driver grabbed my arm. "Where are you going?"

"My house isnt far up the road ive walked down here plenty of time, im going home!" I said while waiting for him to let go of my arm. He pulled me back in the car and locked the doors. 

"Hey what do you think your doing!" I said while wiping some unknown sweat off my forehead. 

"We dont have a car and our phones wont work out here so can we come stay with you?" The driver said. I had a pretty big house and my parents werent home. 

"I dont have any guest bedrooms im sorry, but i guess you can come but you would have to stay in my room since there is o sleeping aloud on the couch." I said while unwrapping his grip from my arm. 

"I can deal with that, can you guys?" The driver said while looking back at the 4 people. Some just nodded some said sure, yeah. We all got out of the car and started walking towards my house. It took only 10 minutes to get there. We walked in silence until we reached my gate. I punched in the key code to get in and pushed the gate so it would open faster. I was tired, dirty, hungry and i needed to go to the bathroom. The 5 people walked behind me. I opened the doors to my house letting them in after waiting. I shut and locked the door since it was already dark outside. I went straight into the kitchen and pulled out a bag of carrots. They were my favorite thing to snack on. I walked out into my living room to the 5 boys. One of them reached their hand out and grabbed a handfull of carrots.

"I like the way you think." He said while taking a bite out of one. 

I gave the others handfulls and grabbed a couple myself before putting it back into my refrigerator. 

I walked back into the living room and told them i was going to shower then go to bed. I turned around to the stairs and heard all of them getting of the sofa. They followed me up to my room. I had all my One Direction stuff still all over my walls. 

"Mother of God!" One of them said.

"Well if you dont like the way i have my room you can sleep outside." I said while putting my hand on my hip. They all walked around my room like it was a museum. One of them walked up to the poster that had Louis Tomlinson on it and hand writing that said "Louis you my savior." 

"Louis is your savior?" He said while pointing at him"

I nodded at him and said "Yeah hes my hero, my favorite." 

I went into my bathroom and grabbed a towel out of the cabinet. I walked back into my room.

"Dont fall asleep on my bed." I said while pointing at them. They all looked at my bed then back at me.

"That bed can fit all of us!" One said. "Yeah i think we should all sleep in this bed, its not fair for us to be sleeping on the floor!" The driver said.

"Well you better not be in my bed when i get out okay!" I said while closing the door. 

I turned on my regular music and got in the shower cleaning off all the dirt. As i was putting conditioner in my hair my music cut off. It didnt bother me as usual. I rinsed all the conditioner out and then dried myself off. I put on some shorts and a tank top. I had forgotten that there were 5 strangers in my room. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I walked out to my room and there were the 5 boys sitting on my bed. I went and sat down in the spot that had my pillow. I snuggled up and tryed pulled the covers but they were sitting on them. I kicked one of them making them fall of the bed. I laughed but when his mask fell off i was totaly speechless. The rest of the boys took off their masks. They reveled to be One Direction. Louis was the one i kicked off my bed. I quickley sat up and told him how sorry i was. 

"Really im so sorry!" I said.

''Love, its alright!" He said while jumping next to me.

I yawned and layed my head down on the pillow. I was awoken by Harry pushing me into the middle. It was Winter season so it was freezing in my room. I was in the middle of a bed sleeping next to One Direction. It was just like my carpet. I was facing Louis with Harry facing my back. Liam was on the other side of Louis along with Niall, and Zayne was next to Harry. Louis kissed my forehead. 


I woke up to my cat meowing. i looked around me and figured out that it was all a dream.


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