bullied nash grier

This is about a girl named Isabelle. She is bullied by nash grier and his friends. She feels one day she might love him. One thing nobody knew was that nash always loved her secretly. He only bullied her to be part of the popular crowd. Will she regret loving him or does she love him? (Jacob whitesides is her cousin, she goes to magcon 1 Month) little details. ILY BYE :D


6. waking up and mistakend

  I woke up to an amazing smell. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking pancakes. Bacon on the side. Yum. I came up with an idea. I took bacon bits on the pancakes and put them on it when my mom wasn't looking

  Jacob saw me and laughed. He took a picture of me and smirked. I looked in the mirrior. My hair a mess sticking up. I glared at him " give me the phone.

NO YES NO YES NO YES BREAKFAST!!!!! My mom screamed. We ran. Then when jacob wasnt looking I took his phone and deleted it. My mom made a funny face then it lit up.

    Me and jacob told her I put bacon bits in it. She laughed saying they taste good. They did dont get me wrong their no bad. Then I walked upstairs

  I took a shower. I straightend my hair. I stole a snapback from jacob. I turned it around. I put on mascara and winged my eyeliner, I put on foundation and then I put on nude lipstick.

    For my outfit I put on a rasta muscle tee. Some damaged acid washed washed jeans. Also grey hightops. Jacob gave me a ride to school.

    I was at my locker. Nash and his friends walked up to me. They all hit me except for Nash, he just stared. He walked away. I was on the cold floor. 

   I was in history. Luckily I got in on time. I sat in the back. I was paired in a project with nash. Great. I had to be in a project who let me get  bullied he didmt even help me. Great.

               I decided i want to make nash and isabelle only a pov. I will update when I can. Nash will talk in the next chapter thats a promise. Thanks. BYE LOVE YA BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

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