bullied nash grier

This is about a girl named Isabelle. She is bullied by nash grier and his friends. She feels one day she might love him. One thing nobody knew was that nash always loved her secretly. He only bullied her to be part of the popular crowd. Will she regret loving him or does she love him? (Jacob whitesides is her cousin, she goes to magcon 1 Month) little details. ILY BYE :D


8. studying

   After volleyball practice I went home. I talked a few minutes minutes with jacob. I told him everything that happend. I cried and we both ate icecream. Oh gosh nash I forgot. 

  I took a quick shower. After I put on a little foundation and mascara. I threw on nikes and some baketball shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my binder and started for his house.

  I knocked an Nash was standing their sad. I pulled him into a hug and stroked the back of his hair. He didnt cry or anything. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up

 to his room. He got on his knees he asked for forgivness.



I didnt want to. Something was telling me too. I gave up saying yes. He looked so happy. Like as if a baby were laughing cause someone made a funny face. He started talking.





    He said, " Im sorry for kissing you us would never happen, im more on the popular rank if we happend I would be on the low rank like you." I just let tears run down.


    I had no expression on my face. I walked out and before I left. I told him look on your terris its my lowrank bestfriend. My blade. I left he is such an ass. God I hate him. Just take a gun to my head. 

 I remember throwing it at his window. For the rest of the day I just walked until I reached you are now leaving North Carolina. I just sat against it. Im so pathetic.  Why was I evev put on earth. Was I a torture device???

     I then screamed out,  " I hate you and i love you nash grier but all you do is throw me down and then pick me up but I let it slide because I love ypu more than you could imagine." Then I ran home crying.


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