bullied nash grier

This is about a girl named Isabelle. She is bullied by nash grier and his friends. She feels one day she might love him. One thing nobody knew was that nash always loved her secretly. He only bullied her to be part of the popular crowd. Will she regret loving him or does she love him? (Jacob whitesides is her cousin, she goes to magcon 1 Month) little details. ILY BYE :D


1. Living hell

           I woke up to my alarm clock beeping. I pressed it down and sighed. Yes I have been depressed. From bullying and family problems. 

  First of all I'm bullied by nash and his friends i cut. My sister Anabelle is in a mental hospital. My father left us. My brother is in college. Me and my mom dont talk well actually we do only sometimes. 

  I've never done anything bad. I only cut because of nash and everything else. Theres only one person In my life jacob. Hes a good person he doesnt know nash hurts me or that I cut. Him and nash are good friends I dont want to ruin that.

   Any ways I got up and took a shower. I threw on leggings, a flowy tank top, and some black flats. I threw on some mascara, foundation over the cuts too, and lipgloss I even curled my hair.

  I hopped onto my penny board and rode to school. I was at my locker here comes nash and his friends. RUNNNNN NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS. Forget it I ran.

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