Hope's Trick

A poem I wrote long ago but nostalgic to see again


1. Hope's trick


Hope's Trick

She looks into her patients eyes and in them she finds light

Shining evermore against the poison and darkness of his blight


She looks into his families eyes discovered only pain and fear 

No hope resides where death will take the one they hold most dear


The doctor knows hope is but a force, inheritence given at birth

By faith which speaks of a better placed than earth


A haven called heaven made of clouds and light,  where sickness has been cured

 no evil takes hold when good has long endured


But cold indifferent silence is all she has to give 

For a false promise she received when her mother failed to live


Hope will not fool her again she will stick to what she knows 

where an empty heart can be avoided and tear stains never grow


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