How To Get A Guy In 10 Days

"So Your Gemma's Little Friend, I've Heard About You Miss.Elizabeth..." He whispers In My Ear As Our Bodies Touch Eachother Against the wall. "And What Have You Heard About Me Mr.Harry?" I ask Smirking "Alot." He answers as Our Eyes Lock...


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


-Elizabeth's POV-

"This Is My House!" Gemma Smiles As We stop 

I Get out and Walk in with Gemma, When We get in I see 5 Boys Throwing a football around the house.

"Harry.Louis. Liam. Zayn. And Niall" Gemma Whispers To Me

Nod, As The Boys Stop Tackling eachother and look at me and Gemma 

"Gemma, Since When Are You Friends With, Her?" Harry Asks Looking at me Up and Down 

"For Awhile Alright Harry,Lets Go Elizabeth..." She Says As She Leads Me upstairs to her room 

So, Do They Come Here Everyday After school? I ask Throwing My Backpack Down And Sitting on Gemmas Bed 

"Pretty Much,They're So Annoying! Always Breaking stuff and Yelling and ugh! Just Being them!" She Says As She Laughs 

I Guess I Don't Know About that because i don't have Siblings! 

"Your Lucky! I Bet Your Parents pay alot of attention to you!" She Smiles 

Well My Mum Always Works Pretty late and My Dad Left Us When I Was 2. I Explain

"Oh I'm So Sorry Elizabeth!" Gemma Says Looking away 

Thats Okay, So Anyway What Exactly Do You Want me to do? I Ask Confused Over her plan

"Okay! So...We're Going to go downstairs And Say We're Going to The Mall! The Boys Love the mall because that is where they also pick up girls...You can just work your magic then..." She Explains 

What if They Don't want to go? I Ask

"They Will..." She Groans 

As long as you think i giggle as we walk down the stairs, 

"Hey Boys Were going to the mall" Gemma Chirps 

"Dont care...." Harry says looking at his phone 

You, Guys Should Come, I mean I only just meant you...we I say the words flowing through my mouth 

"Im In" Niall Says Putting his phone in his pocket same as all the other boys 

"Yay! Lets Go!" Gemma Says Throwing harry his keys 

I Smile As Gemma Winks 

We've got this in the bag....



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