How To Get A Guy In 10 Days

"So Your Gemma's Little Friend, I've Heard About You Miss.Elizabeth..." He whispers In My Ear As Our Bodies Touch Eachother Against the wall. "And What Have You Heard About Me Mr.Harry?" I ask Smirking "Alot." He answers as Our Eyes Lock...


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


-Elizabeth's POV-

"I Need You To Teach Me How To Get A Boyfriend." A Random Girl Asks Me While I'm At my locker 

"Excuse Me?" I Ask Confused 

"Oh I'm Sorry! I'm Gemma, Gemma Styles! " She Smiles

"Hi I'm Elizabeth, What Did You Ask Me A minute Ago?" I ask 

"Oh! Yeah, I Need You To Teach Me How To Get A Boyfriend...Before Spring Break?" She asks Nervously 

"Why me?" I Ask Closing my locker after i got all my books out i needed 

"Elizabeth, You Dated Almost Every Boy In This School!" She Tells Me 

"I Didn't Date Every Boy! And Thats Crazy Spring Break Is In 10 Days! And I don't want a boyfriend right Now-" I say Getting Cut off at the end By This Gemma Girl

"You Haven't Dated My Brother Yet! Harry, Harry Styles!" She Squeals In a Whisper 

Right When She Said His Name I Disagreed

"No, He's The Most Popular Boy in The School, Along With His Friends, They're A Group Of Asses" I explained To Her, Forgetting the fact Gemma's Harry's Sister.

"Oh I understand Why You Would Say That! But Please And When You Come Over to My House you can Show Me, How You Get Harry...Or anyone Of his Friends To Like You!" She Looks At Me Hopeful 

"Fine" I give In, To Her Crazy Idea

"Great! Come Over To My House After School Today! I'll Give You A Ride!" She Smiles As She walks Away 

As I walk The Other Direction To My first Period Class,Seeing Harry Sitting in the back with the rest of his friends, What Have i got myself into...


New Movella!: 

Okay So Lets Pretend Gemmas Younger then Harry And Elizabeth In The story Just By a year! Tell Me your Thoughts! 

Like // Favor // Fan? 

Love you All! ~JoJo <3 







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