Calum hood is my cousin


3. waking up twice

I woke up and my head was against Ashton's shoulder. I wonder where Calum slept? I looked at the clock and it said 10:00 I got up and changed in the bathroom and when I got out ash was gone. Guess he woke up too. I walked downstairs and all the guys were in the kitchen. I was walking into the kitchen when my phone started ringing and I look at the id and it said unknown so I answered "hello who is this?" I asked. " I'm getting out soon for good behaviour you'll be the first person I'll visit Allie" he chuckled into the phone and hung up. No how it can't be not my dad. I looked up at Calum and my heart started to beat faster and before I knew it everything started to get black and suddenly it was all black

(Calums pov)

Allie slammed to the ground and I ran over to her "call 911!" I shouted as luke and he nodded and ran to the phone. "Allie Allie can you hear me" ash put a cold cloth on her head and I picked her up and put her on the couch "their coming" Luke said "ok good" I felt her pulse and her heart was beating fast. The paramedics came rushing in and loaded her into the ambulance and as I started to get in and they stopped me sorry only family. " I'm her cousin!" I shouted at him "only close family sorry buddy" I got out and walked back to the house. They said they will phone me when she wakes up. Hopefully won't be too long.

1 hour later

My phone buzzed and I answered it quickly "hello?" There was a small pause "is this Calum Hood?" A lady voice asked. "Yes this is he" was Allie ok did she wake up? "Um your cousin Allie woke up" I jumped up" I'll be right there I said I put on my shoes. "Where are you going?" Ashton stopped me "Allie woke up can you come with me?" I asked "sure" we walked out of the house and Ashton drove.

(Allies pov)

The last thing I remembered was the phone call from my dad. But the next minute I was in a hospital. The nurse told me that I went into a small come from shock. Just then Calum and Ashton walked into the room. Calum rushed to my bed and pulled me into a huge bear hug. He pulled out and a tear rolled down his cheek. I wiped it with my thumb. He laughed. Ash just smiled and I smiled back. "What happened she said you went into a come from shock.. Shock from what?" Well that didn't take long" my dad phoned me he said he's coming out soon and he's coming straight for me" I said looking at my hands "I won't let him touch you I promise" I smiled and looked at the confused ash I laughed and explained everything to him. The nurse said I could go home so we left right away.

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