Calum hood is my cousin


8. seeing him

I woke up and everyone was sleeping so I decided to go to Starbucks and get some breakfast mostly coffee. I left a note for Ashton on his phone so he would see it. It said morning babe. I went to Starbucks I won't be back till ten so I u want anything txt me love Allie. I grabbed Ashton's car keys and walked outside. I jumped in the car and started it the first song that came on the radio was am I wrong and I started to sing to it. I turned a corner and I saw a car crash and there was a bunch a people looking at the car and a saw a him. My dad. I slammed on the brakes and he was gone I rubbed my eyes must have been my imagination. I kept driving for another five minutes and I got there I pulled into a spot. I walked in and there was a short line so I joined it. I got a text when I was close to the front of the line it said miss me yet Al. What nobody called me al but my enemy Patricia and my... Dad. What no it can't be. "Hello how may I help you" the lady at the counter snapped me back into reality. "Oh sorry I'll have a Vanilla bean frap please" she nodded and typed it into the computer "ok is that all?" I nodded and used my credit card. She told me to wait and it only took about ten minutes. I looked at my phone and it said 9:45 ok so I have ten minutes because it takes five minutes to get to the house I decided to go to London drugs I bought some makeup and by the time I was done it was 9:55. I went it the car and started it and there was a little gift in my car a cd. It was me singing a song I wrote for my parents. It was called one big family and at the end I said I love you mom and dad and I always will. I shut off the radio as soon as it ended. I thought that cd was gone but only my dad had the last copy. No he can't be it's probably just a joke from someone that my dad gave it too. I drove quickly home. There was a package at the door for me. I went in the door set it on the counters and locked the door. There was nobody so I guess they were still sleeping. I saw a note on the outside of the package so I ripped it off and opened it. It said : my dearest Allie. I hope you can forgive me for my bad behaviour this is your moms. She wore it everyday and she couldn't take it off I took it from her before she died and I want you to take it as a peace offering. Love dad. I threw the note on the counter. I don't know if I should open it. I thought to myself but I ended up opening it. It was a small glass case that was upside down. I took it out of the box carefully. I turned it over and screamed and glass shattered on the floor. No no. I must have seen wrong. It was my moms hair.

(Ashton's pov)

I heard a scream and a glass shatter and I bolted downstairs to see Allie and her hand over her mouth. Tears were streaming down her face. I ran over To her and pulled her into a hug" whats wrong what happened" I heard her sniff and pulled out so I could see her face "I got a package from my dad saying this was my moms and that it was a peace offering as it it was my moms hair" my mouth dropped open. "Why don't you watch tv and I'll make some tea and clean this up ok?" I asked she nodded and made her way to the couch and sat down I made her coffee and cleaned up the glass. We talked and she told me about the tape in her car and the text tape and seeing him. Just as we were talking she asked me "what if he is out of jail?" I thought "well he might be but I promise that I won't let him hurt you and Calum won't either" I kissed her and her phone dinged and she got a text she looked down at the screen and said" it's another text from him " "what does it say?" I asked.

(Allies pov)

"What does it say?" He asked . I looked at the screen "it says I see you got my gift keep it safe. Brush it daily. Make sure your boyfriend can keep his promise. Speaking of him when do I get to meet him I mean the dad is always supposed to meet the daughters boyfriend right? I know where you live so I'll drop by sometime and meet him and I Can promise you that love dad." Just then my phone started ringing. I answered "hello?" "Hello is this Allie Bilawchuk?" I looked at Ashton "this is she " "oh well we wanted to let you know that your dad's out of jail he said he's excited to see you sorry we didn't let you know earlier sorry bye " then see hung up and I looked Ashton "my dad's out of jail"

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