Calum hood is my cousin


11. life hurts

Two days later

Peter and Connor got things figured out and just left so ashton and I were cuddling on the couch alone in the house "can I ask you I question?" I asked. "Sure what do you want to know?" I looked at our hands intertwined "do you just like me because of my looks?" Ashton tilted my head so I was looking at him "no I mean yes your pretty but your more beautiful inside, like how your always nice and funny. But that's not why I like you I like you for you. You don't do things for other people you do what you want to do. I don't just like you Allie I love you" I looked into his eyes and knew he wasn't lying "I love you too" I kissed him and heard the door unlocking it was Hannah and she was crying. I ran up to her and hugged her "what's wrong?" Ashton got up and Hannah said "she's gone she's really gone Allie I don't know how I'm supposed to live" I rubbed circles in her back "your going to be fine ok? Your going sit on the couch cuddle with bear and piggy while me and Ashton call luke ok?" She nodded and walked to the couch . Ashton and I walked outside and started calling luke "hey what's up man?" Luke answered "hey it's Allie" i said into the phone "oh hey what's up? Where's Ashton?" He asked "I'm right here" Ashton Spoke up "oh hi. Is this an intervention? I swear I didn't do anything" I laughed "it's about Hannah" it went silent for a bit until he said "is she ok? What happened?" I could hear the worry in his voice "Ya she's fine kinda well not really" "where are you in coming" you could hear him unlock his car "luke we are at our house but we have to explain something to you ok?" I asked "ok what is it" "Hannah's mom died of cancer but she needs you so come quick" "Allie I live right beside you I'm at the door right now" I laughed and hung up. I opened the door and luke rushed over to Hannah and hugged her. I grabbed Ashton's hand and said "we better leave them alone" he nodded and we walked outside "wow we just got kicked out of our own house" I laughed "I have to talk to you " he said and looked me in the eyes "Ashton. What's wrong?" I asked "nothing's wrong we are going on a worldwide tour and I wanted you to come with me will you?" I wrapped my arms around his neck "of course" he kissed me "I love you" "I love you too" we kissed and for once I felt like I found the one. This adorable geek who was way out of my league was the one, the one and only, my forever. We were standing outside for fifteen minutes before we went inside and I saw Hannah with her puffy red and eyes had her head on Luke's shoulder and they were holding hands. "Are you ok?" I asked "Ya I'll be fine as long as luke doesn't leave me" I smiled as they kissed "well we will be upstairs if you need anything we will be upstairs incase you need us ok?" They nodded and we went upstairs Ashton's room. "You should move into my room" I looked at him "ok let's get my clothes right now" he nodded and we got my stuff and just as we were leaving Calums room and I said "wait I forgot something" I ran to the bedside table and got regular and birthday cake Oreos. "Really?" I giggled "something's I'm hungry in the middle of the night and when I'm watching a movie and don't want to go downstairs" he laughed "your so cute" I blushed and started walking and tripped on the outside of the door and the was a loud bang "what happened?" I heard luke say running upstairs and I started laughing. "What are you doing?" Hannah asked "moving" I said standing up "into Ashton's room" he smiled and I started laughing "thanks for your concern in fine" they all laughed and I pick up my clothes and Oreos and walked into Ashton's room. When we were done putting my clothes away I sat on the bed and said "can we watch a movie?" He nodded "you can pick" he said and I smiled "do you have Netflix?" He nodded "supernatural!!" We both shouted then laughed. I put on the first season and soon it was midnight and we were on season two. We almost ate all the Oreos and I heard someone knock on the door "come in" I said, the door opened and it was calum "hey so I noticed that you moved into Ashton's room" I blushed "ya sorry we can't share embarrassing stories at midnight night eating Oreos anymore" he laughed "well I can still come get in between you and Ashton in the middle of the night and steal your Oreos" he smirked and I laughed "well goodnight" "night!" I shouted. I put my head on Ashton's chest and took my hand and started running circles in the middle of my hand I love when he does that. I looked up at him and he looked down at me and it was like time stopped and there was only us and before I knew it we were both naked in bed.

I woke up naked still and grabbed my underwear, bra and one of Ashton's shirts. "Morning" I heard him say "God your morning grumble is so hot" I said jumping on him "not as hot as you in my tshirt" I laughed as he pulled head by his and kissed me. I put my hair in a messy bun "omg can you get any hotter" Ashton said and I laughed "the hotness is too much only my girlfriend kissing me is going to save me" he said pretending he can't breath and I kiss him "your and idiot" I said than kissed him "but I'm your idiot" I laughed "Ashton! I'm hungry my stomach is going to eat me" he got up and put on sweatpants and started walking out "hey you forgot me" I said and he came back and gave me a piggyback.

Ashton made pancakes and bacon for us and we finished pretty quick. "When are you going on tour" I asked while putting my dish in the sink "we are leaving in two weeks" I nodded and Hannah walked downstairs and saw that I was only in underwear "really Allie your going to start walking around naked again? My boyfriends coming down put some pants on" I blushed and giggled "don't worry I don't care about Allie all I care about is you" Luke said wrapping his arms around Hannah's waist "hey I thought we were friends" he laughed.

"We are" I smiled and Ashton came up behind me and whispered in my ear "anyways that ass is only for me" I giggled and Luke said "you know what we need in the house" "what?" Ashton asked "more soundproof walls we could hear you last night loud and clear" I blushed and Ashton put his hands around my waist and laughed. "Ya it was gross" Hannah chimed in. "I hope calum didn't hear us" I said looking at Ashton "oh I did" he said walking down the stairs "me and Hannah need to talk, we will be right back" I said then grabbed her and ran to Ashton and mines room.

"What's up" Hannah asked as I shut my door "Could you actually hear us that loudly?" I asked her and she laughed "pretty loudly" I laughed "dammit" we burst out laughing and could barely stop "he's the one" I said when we were done laughing " I'm glad after what happened with Chris" I looked at my hands. Chris my old boyfriend who made me cut after I broke up with him because he bullied me. Ya a dad who abused me and a ex who made me cut. "I still have the scars" I said "Allie you've been clean a year and you cut pretty deep they are going to be there for a long time" I kept my eyes on my hand "I haven't told Ashton or calum" "what Ashton didn't see even after last night" I nodded "how are you about your mom?" I asked and she broke down "I still can't believe she's gone" I hugged her "it'll be fine"

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