Calum hood is my cousin


6. lazy days

As soon as we got home from the amusement park I went to bed because I wasn't feeling well but as soon as my head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep I wish I would have stayed awake.

I was running and I heard somebody screaming my name. I turned a corner and say a little abandoned greenhouse that my mom showed me. I ran as fast as I could but everywhere I turned this guy turned up I wasn't that scared till I realized it was my dad and started screaming at him to leave me alone. He was walking up to me with a knife in my hand when..

I woke up with tears streaming down my face and Calum was there rubbing my back "are you ok?" He asked. "Ya just a dream about my dad" I wiped the tears away. "Are you ok to go back to sleep or did u want to talk a bit?" I yawned and he nodded and turned out the light even with the images of my dream flashing in my head I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up and Calum was still passed out so I put my hair into a messy Bun and went downstairs to see Hannah sitting in the kitchen having some tea. I poured some hot water into a mug and made some passion fruit tea my favourite. "How did u sleep?" I asked Hannah "good you?" Hannah was the only friend I told everything about expect Calum and Ashton "I had a dream about my dad" "but you haven't had those dreams in months I thought they were gone" I took a sip of my tea and swallowed "I know but what if when I got the phone call they start again what if he does find me when he gets out what's his plan to do with me." Just then Ashton walked downstairs and Hannah gave me the ended conversation look. "Morning girls " he seemed happy "morning " we said at the same time. Ashton walked over to me and kissed me in the cheek and I blushed. " omg are you guys like a thing?" Hannah shouted "shh and yes we are but we haven't told Calum" I heard footsteps and then "told Calum what?" Damn it he heard "me and Ashton thought we should get a dog for the house and we just told Hannah right?" I looked at Ashton and he nodded "ya but I guess you know now so we should discuss what kind we want?" He said looking for suggestions. "How about a pug I know Allie loves pug or a chocolate lab " Hannah said "Then I guess we are going to get two dogs then is that ok?" Everyone nodded and me and ash decided we should go and get the dogs in the end we name the chocolate lab bear and the pug piggy because he had a super curly tail. They were just puppy's so I took a pic and posted it on Instagram. They looked so cute. On the way back we for Starbucks. As bear was licking me I looked at Ashton and said "I love our little family"

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