Calum hood is my cousin


12. it's all better

Hannah and I walked downstairs and bear almost tackled me "Ashton! Did you let the dogs out yet?" I yelled "no" I shook my head and let them out. Ashton came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist and said "i love you" "I love you too" I said and he turned me around and we kissed and we heard a click and then my phone buzzed on the counter. I pulled out of the kiss and saw that Hannah posted a photo on Instagram of me and Ashton kissing And the caption was cutest couple ever #ashlie and tagged us I liked and saw that I had gained a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

"We look cute in that photo except one thing" I said "what? And you look really hot" I giggle and said "I'm in my underwear and you can clearly tell" Ashton's eyes went wide "what? Hannah delete no one can see my girls underwear except me" I giggled as he started to pretend to get really mad. "Send that photo to me" I say to Hannah.

"Hey does anyone want starbucks?" Hannah asked "yes please you know what I want don't you?" I asked "I think do you want a vanilla bean frappe with one pump of hazelnut syrup and chocolate chips and whipped cream blended in?" I laughed and gave her money "that's why your my best friend"

After half hour Hannah left with luke to go to starbucks. "Want to watch something?" Ashton asked "sure what do you want to watch?" I grabbed the remote "there's a new modern family" I nodded and clicked on it. The door opened and Hannah walked in with our drinks and handed me my drink. "Hey guys we have an interview in like two hours and we have to be there in a hour so you better start getting ready" luke said after handing ashton his drink. I looked at Ashton "I'm going to go change now" I ran upstairs and grabbed jeggings then opened the door and shouted "Hannah can you come her?" "Sure" she said then came running upstairs and said "what's wrong" I opened the door and said "which top should I wear with this jeggings?" She laughed and grabbed a black and red flannel, an undershirt, a scarf and a beanie. I put it on and she looked at me "it looks great" I smiled "thanks" we walked downstairs and Ashton said "wow" I looked down "does it look bad?" "No it looks amazing, it's amazing how good you when your not dressed up" I smile and run upstairs and quickly do my makeup. Ashton quickly changed and we left. Hannah and luke were in the front and me and Ashton in the back.

At the interview

"Hello and welcome back to the show we are here with five seconds of summer and Ashton's and Luke's girlfriends Allie and Hannah" we all waved "so your going on tour correct?" The announcer asked "yes we are" Michael answered "are the girls going with you?" "Yes they are"Ashton answered "so the next question is from a fan and it's for Hannah and allie" I smiled "how do you guys deal with the hate" I laughed "I have a weird technique I actually read the hate and laugh at the stupid ones like they don't know me they shouldn't control my feelings or my life" she nodded "I've never heard that before. What about you Hannah?" "I just ignore it or read it and make fun of it" we all laughed "there is another question from a fan for Hannah, Allie, Ashton and Luke. What is the cutest thing your boyfriend/ girlfriends do in the morning?" "Allie will put her legs over mine when she falls asleep but when she wakes up her legs are always cold so she sticks her legs under mine so she's warm or she'll jump on me like a little kid then kiss me" Ashton answers and I blush and laugh "Ashton when he wakes up will slip his hand into mine, kiss my forehead, rubs circles in the middle of my hand and then whispers can you pass the Oreos" I say while laughing "Hannah with stretch and then say cuddle me and fall back asleep" luke answered while everyone laughed "Luke will cuddle with me and say are you warm enough babe? Which is so cute" Hannah answered

After the interview

"Ashton I need to talk to you" I said when we got home "ok" we walked outside "your not breaking up with me are you?" I saw tears in his eyes "awe babe of course not I love you" I kissed then finished "Ashton I used to cut" "what? Why would a beautiful girl like you cut?" I smiled and tears rolled down my face "my ex bullied me after I broke up with him" he nodded and hugged me "promise you'll never do it again?" I nodded "I promise" I started to walk inside when he grabbed me "you need to seal the promise with a kiss" I laughed and kissed him "your so cute" "not as cute as you" I laughed "but I have to agree I'm pretty adorable" Ashton said making me laugh "Ashton I have a question" I said turning serious "what?" "When we go on tour what will happen to bear and piggy" he grabbed my hand "my moms coming tomorrow and she's going to stay with us for a week and then watch the dogs" I kissed him harshly "I love you" "I love you too" I kissed him and then we went outside.

We laid on the trampoline and we stayed there till noon and grabbed sleeping bags, phones, Oreos and lots of blankets. We covered the trampoline with the blankets and we stayed there cuddling and talking till seven then Ashton got a text from Luke saying that everyone was staying at Michael's moms house which was two hours from our house so they were staying the night there and we would be home alone all night so we had to remember to lock the doors. Ashton smirked at me and I smiled while I read the message and before I could say anything Ashton's soft lips hit mine and we kissed passionately. Ashton walked off the trampoline and I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him.

We opened the door and locked it and after Ashton pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hardly. I pulled off his shirt and we went upstairs then he took off my shirt.

Next morning

I woke up and looked at Ashton "morning" he grumbled "morning" I said then kissing him with led to him i top of me again. I heard a click of the front door and Ashton knew what it was right away cause he put on boxers as I put on a bra and underwear. I was putting on of his shirts on when he smacked my butt and I looked back at him and he smirked and said "your underwear says smack this booty" I laughed and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled out and said "let's see who is downstairs" he grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs to see Calum making out with a girl.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and biting into it loudly. Ashton wrapped his arms around my waist and put his chin on my shoulder. Calum finally pulled out of the kiss and said "I'll see you tomorrow" then led her to the door and looked at me and Ashton and blushed. "Who's your girlfriend?" I asked breaking the silence "her name is Ashley" I laughed "she seems nice" Ashton says "she is and pretty, funny and gets me" I looked at Ashton "Calums in love" we chanted when the doorbell rang and Ashton said "I'll answer it" but I stopped him "let me get pants on first" he nodded and when I got back there was a nice lady there hugging Ashton and Calum "you've grown up so much" she said to Ashton "thanks mom" I walked out and she looked at me "you must be Hayley" I smiled "yes and you must be Ashton's mom" she smiled and nodded. I hugged her and she said "wheres luke and Michael?" "They are at michaels moms house"

She nodded and we talked for a while till I started not feeling well so I went up to Ashton and mines room. I layed on the bed and put on sweatpants instead of jeans. I heard a knock on the door "come in" I said sounding weak. Ashton's mom opened the door and said "I've never seen Ashton's room so clean in my life" I laughed and she said "would you like some soup" I nodded "thanks mrs Irwin" "please call me mom I can tell your going to be around for a long long time. I've never seen Ashton so happy and talk so much about one person" I laughed and blushed "your sons amazing I've never felt this way about anyone ever" "well you've made him so happy I've never been actually happy about who he's dating but I think your good for him" I laughed and smiled "thank you" she felt my forehead and said "wow your burning up you have a nap" I nodded and she turned off the light and closed the door. I fell asleep thinking about my future with Ashton.

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