Calum hood is my cousin


1. finding calum hood

(Allies pov)

I knocked on the door and waited for a couple of minutes. I was shivering it was winter in Ontario and it was freezing. A tall black haired guy opened the door "how may I help you?" He asked kindly. "Um does Calum hood live here?" I asked probably sounding kinda creepy. "Yup he does" he said smiling. "May I speak to him please?" I asked hoping he was here. "Your talking to him right now" oh so this is my cousin he doesn't look like me or my mom but he does have my accent. "So what are you here for?" He said bring me out of my trace of thought "oh ya well my mom got in a car crash and I need to find your mom because your mom is my moms sister and I could only find you so can you tell me where your mom is?" I asked hoping he didn't think I was crazy. " I don't understand why do you need to see my mom" oh forgot that part "my mom died in the car crash and I'm only seventeen which is underaged by a year so unless your mom takes me in I'm going to a foster home" he thought about for a second"come inside it's freezing out here how about you stay the night and we will call my mom and ask her ok?" I nodded "but what's your name and I'm in a band called 5 seconds of summer so they are here so why don't we talk in my room ok?" Sure and Allie " I said walking inside and take of my coat and soon as I looked around my jaw dropped this place was huge. He laughed and said "come on let's go upstairs" and then he grabbed my hand showing me the way. When we reached the living room the three guys turned there heads "hey calum who was at the do.." He didn't finish the sentence before he spotted me "oh calum got a girlfriend claims got a girlfriend " I stared in shock not my cousin never. "No this is my cousin Allie she is going to be spending the night" the guys face went red and I laughed a little. Then me and calum went upstairs.

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