Calum hood is my cousin


9. ding dong

It's been a day since the jail called and i haven't told Calum yet because he slept at Michaels . I haven't left the house but today Ashton has to go to the doctors and Hannah is going to visit her mom so I'll be home alone. Calum said he will come back at three but if I need anything just call him. Hannah is gonna stay at Luke's tonight so if Calum stays at Michael's then it will just be me and ash. Ashton left and kissed me goodbye and said he would be back at two or three and Hannah was already at the hospital so it was just Me, bear and piggy. I turned on the tv and watched the latest episode of pretty little liars when bear and piggy jumped on the couch and laid on me. Bear started to lick me face so I knew he had to go to the washroom so I opened the big screen door to let them out. When they got outside there was a knock at the door so I opened it and there was a guy with a package for me and he wanted me to sign it so I did and put it on the counter. I let the dogs in and went to the package 'should I open it? Who gave it to me? What is it?' All these questions whirled around in my head. I say a note I opened it and it smelt like vanilla it looked old kinda. It said ' dear allie I hope u kept my other present. I also hope you know that the car accident that killed your mom wasn't an accident. I know your probably thinking how did u kill her your in jail well you see I have my people and I know all about Calum and Ashton and Hannah see a dad always worried about his daughter but you see soon I won't have a daughter I already lost my wife I don't need a daughter. Soon you'll be in the past and Ashton will be thanking me for taking you of this earth. Love you daddy' I almost fainted and I sat down. His sending me gifts again I opened the package and there was a scarf it was kinda cute. I took it out and I flipped it over and dropped it on the ground and started balling my eyes out it was fingers human fingers sewed to the scarf. I sat against the wall for about five minutes until I got all the strength I needed and got up and walked over to my cell phone I pressed on Calums number and sat against the wall staring at the fingers 'they aren't real are they?' I thought "hello?" Calum said on the third ring "h-hey can you come back please?" I said trying not to sound like I've been crying even thought I have. "Allie? What's wrong?" I sniffled "I can really only s-show you" "um on I'll be right there can Luke and Michael come" "sure but come quick" "ok I'll see you in like five minutes ok?" "Ok" I hung up and just sat there with my head against the wall. Five minutes later Calum opened the door ms do ran up to him and started to ball my eyes out. He hugged me tight. " what's wrong?" I told him all about how my dads out if jail and then showed him the note and the fingers. "Are these real?" Michael asked I just shrugged. "Why didn't you tell me he was out of jail?" Calum asked when he was killing up all the stuff on the counter. "I don't know I was gonna but I didn't know how to" he walked up to me "look at me. You can tell me anything ok? I promise a won't ever touch you" just then the door opened and a voice said "are you sure about that boy?" It was him my dad "Allie you look so grown up just like your mother" he smirked and continued "and soon you'll be dead just like your mother too." He pulled out a gun. He pointed it right at me. Then I saw Hannah walk in and she snuck up behind me dad and grabbed a knife. "Don't you dare" se said and he turned around and said "sorry hunny can't keep any promises" and pointed the gun at her "why are you doing this you monster" I said stepping out from behind Calum "because you little idiot I never wanted a child and well I won't in a few minutes" you could her the cop cars sirens and he pulled the trigger he shot me right in the leg and I screamed in agony. Soon the cops came and put him back in cuffs and Calum, Hannah , Luke and Michael all ran up to me. "Are you ok?" Michael asked I looked at him "I got shot in my bloody leg I'm just peachy" I said and the paramedics can in and took me too the ambulance. "Ok so the bullet isn't too deep so we are just gonna pull it out her and give you stitches but you are gonna need to get some crutches ok?" "Ok just get this damn bullet out of my leg!" I screamed. Just then Calum came up to me and grabbed my hand "everything gonna be fine just squeeze me hand when it hurts ok?" I nodded at before I knew it the stitches were in and the bullet was out. We went to the walk in clinic and got some crutches. Right when we got home Ashton came in and saw the crutches "Allie what happened?!" He yelled. "Dude you missed all the drama" Michael said and I laughed I told him the whole story and he looked worried the whole story. "I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight" he whispered in me ear.

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