Calum hood is my cousin


7. bad news bad days

When we got home I fed the dogs and went upstairs to check on Hannah. I ran upstairs and checked the guest room where she was staying and all I found was a empty room. I walked do downstairs to the pool and I heard her crying ad talking to someone on the phone but she hung up right away. "Hannah? Are you ok?" I said kinda quiet and her head turned and tears were streaming down her face "oh hunny what happened?" She sniffled. "It's my mom she she.." She stumbled "it's ok you don't have to tell me right away" "no I want to she has cancer and she's in the hospital and they say that she has about a week to live.. Allie where am I supposed to do where am I supposed to live everyone is dying Luke is the only person left that loves me" I wiped her tears and said " Hannah first I'm sorry we can visit her tomorrow if u want and u can live here or with Luke and me Luke Calum and Mikey all love you we are all a big family" we hugged and I took her upstairs to her bedroom and we out our pjs on I got some tea and Oreos and we watched scary movies because it was our thing. We were in the middle of paranormal activity five when Hannah fell asleep so I paused the movie and went downstairs I left a note saying txt me when u wake up love Allie. I walked into the living room and plopped down next to Ashton "so whats up with Hannah?" I sighed and snuggled closer to him. "Her mom has cancer and they say she's going to die in a week so she thinks that everyone around her that loves her is dying so I told her we all love her and she can live here or with Luke since we are in separate houses " "your a good fiend you know that right and an even better girlfriend" "awe and your an awesome boyfriend" I kissed him passionately I pulled away and whispered "I'm afraid to tell Calum" I said speaking my mind "about what us why itll be fine he'll trust me with you because I'm one of his best friends and we'll do it together" I smiled and kissed him but pulled out when to door opened and I smiled. It was into Luke and I told him about Hannah and her mom so he just smiled and nodded. Hannah woke ups for a couple of hours but just wanted to be alone as it was getting dark so I decided to go to bed. When I woke up I was in someplace different I wondered were I was and then his face stepped out my dad's face. I tried to hold back the tears and started to scream at him And he just smirked and pulled a rope and a curtain fell. Ashton was there tied to a chair and beside him was Calum I screamed at them but the wouldn't move that's when I noticed something. They weren't moving at all not even to breath. They were dead. I woke up and I was in Ashton's room and Tears were streaking down my face and I tried to clam down Ashton Hugged me and calmed me down then he cuddled with me till I fell asleep and had a dream about my future with Ashton and having children someday.

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