The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


8. Police, Robot suits and Breakups.

I woke early and slipped out and through Secrets and Kenny's room. Secrets was still sleeping. A small smile on his lips. I knew where Kenny was. She had gotten up at 12:45 am . She went down for some bow practice. I followed her and almost got an arrow in the head. I didn't. Clearly. But anyway. I tiptoed into the kitchen and got to work. I was in a baggy white t-shirt and pajama bottoms as I cooked. I cut up melon and  made fruit salads and made a massive fry up. I took some melon and slipped under the fence. I ran to lizzie and fed it to her. She's so cute. A four year old furry. I found her while Alex and I were trying to find a tyre for the tyre swing. I healed her and let her go but she came back. So I've been feeding her ever since. I fed her the melon and went back to the house to get more. I slipped into the kitchen where I saw Secrets and Alex wolfing down the bacon and eggs. I hadn't been noticed so I grabbed some more melon and put it in a napkin. I would've got away with it if I didn't trip in the process. 


"Gaahh!" I screamed as I tripped over the door stop. Melon going everywhere.

"For goodness sake Topic!" Secrets said helping me up. "Come on. Clean it up then"

"Come on then clean it up then" I said mimicking his voice. I grabbed the melon and slipped my slippers on. I ran out of the house, Over the fence and back to Lizzie. She ate happily until I heard a rustle of leaves from above.

"Who's there" I said lifting a knife out of my bag and my shotgun out of my slipper. I don't go anywhere without it. Lizzie knew something was up. Her ears were pricked and she was on all fours. Not normal. She prefers to walk around. 

"I SAID WHO'S THERE!" I screamed so loud that some bird fled in fear.

"Boo." Secrets said jumping down from the branches. Lizzie scampered away and hid at the unfamiliar face.

"Secrets!" I complained. "You scared her away!"

I ran and picked up Lizzie to calm her down. I hugged her and I heard a sigh of relief. 

"Whos this!" Secrets said ruffling Lizzies fur

"Ummm.... Secrets this is Lizzie. Lizzie meet Secrets" I said all too quickly. I got a confused look from Secrets but Lizzie got down from my hip and waddled over secrets and shook his hand.

"We can't leave her here Secrets! Look! she's so cute!" I said. Because I knew he was going to try to make me get rid of her.

"Well you guessed right" He said "But she's just a baby! I don't think Aunty will be to pleased with a baby in the house" 

"But..." He said just as I was about to start an argument "I know where we can take her. I have an adoption agency's number. We can call them and see when they can pick her up?"

"Thank you Secrets, Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!" I screeched and picked Lizzie up. 

"But where will she stay?" I questioned

"You found her, She's your responsibility" he answered. "Now don't let anyone see her. Got it?"

"Yeah, Yeah" I answered and we slipped under the fence. I got Lizzie some food and put her in my room. I said goodbye as she sat there chewing away and went down to the kitchen. Kenny had joined alex and was eating some eggs. I grabbed a bowl of melon and sat in between them. I know that Kennedy was dating Secrets but I couldn't take any chances. I wolfed down two bowls of melon and then bothered to ask if anyone wanted any.

"I'll try some" Kenny said "Even though I've never tried it before"

I handed her a bowl and watched her try it. Her eyes scrunched up as she put it in her mouth. She chewed, swallowed and said

"That was actually quite good!"

As I was going to get more the doorbell rung.

"I'll get it!" Secrets and I said simultaneously. But because he's a wolf he had got to the door before me. I hid behind a cupboard and listened. I couldn't get much of what the people at the door said apart from. 'Im Officer Peter...... We are taking you in for questioning... Come now'

I ran back to tell Kenny. Alex had gone.

"Oh yeah he went to the forest to age those extra years he was missing" Kenny said picking at her nails.

"Oh. Ok. I answered. 

I told her about the police officers at the door and she ran forward to them.

"No secrets!!" She screamed pulling a gun out of her boot. She shot a few police officers meaning Secrets could get to his mech suit. I saw Lizzie run out towards the officers. I saw a gun go off. Everything went into slow motion. Lizzie dropped down onto the ground. Red staining her glinting fur. 

"NO LIZZIE!" I screamed running forwards. I got to her side and screamed at the officer that shot her.


"I'm so sorry Topic" She said grabbing my hand. But we need to go. 

"No. You go see if secrets is ok. I need one more minute" I said taking my hand out of hers and hugging Lizzies now cold lifeless body. Kenny came back a few minutes later. Tears in her eyes and wet lips. Secrets had broken up with her. She grabbed my hand and we ran. We were criminals now. At a crime scene and we were fleeing. We were breaking the law. I heard another gunshot. But I didn't know it was going to go right through both of our hands as they were intertwined. We screamed as it went through at the speed of sound. Kenny ran round the other side of the car as I slipped into the passenger seat. She started the car and off we went. I healed her hand and my own as I wiped tears from her eyes. She was crying and crying until she suddenly let go of the wheel. I grabbed it and the car skidded to the side of the road. Missing the ditch by a metre or so. I dragged kenny out of the car and felt for a pulse. It was very faint.

"Kenny." I said at her "Kenny wake up!" 

Her breathing shallowed and the heartbeat became fainter. I only had one idea. To call secrets. I picked up my phone and rung his number. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hello" He said his voice thick. I could tell he'd been crying

"Hi secrets its me." I said down the phone "Kennys pulse is seriously faint and her breathing is really shallow. What should I do? Please come and help!"

"I-I can't" Secrets said down the phone. "One step back into the city I'll be thrown straight into Prison"

"Secrets" I said "She's dying"

Then all I heard was the dial tone.


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