The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


5. Lies

I woke up to Tori climbing my ladder at 12pm. I over slept. Again.

"Topic" She said shaking me awake "Can you do some practice with me? i haven't held a bow in forever!"

"Fine" I said "just let me go change. Healing is to much work"

I grabbed my bulletproof clothing and my phone and started to leave the tree house. I heard something bang but I thought it was just the notebook off my desk. It wasn't. My phone rung once meaning it was a text. Probably from Alex. I went to go up the the tree house and saw Tori running out and down the ladder. A look of Fear on her face.

"TORI!?" I screamed. There were skid marks on the ground and some material on the fence. 

"Hmmm" I thought to myself as I slipped under the fence. I followed hard imprinted footprints to where they stopped suddenly in the thick of the forest. I was trying to work out where she could have gone when I heard a sneeze from above me. I looked up and tori was perching on a branch hugging her knees to her chest. My senses were tingling. My eyes slipped to the side to see a lynx coming out from the shadows. I threw a knife at it and hit it right in the chest. That was dinner sorted at least. Tori was shaking and her eyes portrayed so much fear. 

"Are you ok Tori" I shouted up the tree trunk. If she wasn't this scared I would have thrown a knife at the branch and let her fall the 60 odd feet. But She was truly scared. My shoes slipped as I clambered up the tree after her. 

"You're not ok" I whispered to her. "are you."

"h-he's Dead" She stammered "Alex. Is dead. I buried him with my own hands. He's dead!"

"What?" I said "No-no He's not. He's here. With me, You know that Tori. Please stop scaring me like that!" I felt for a knife in my pocket but stopped myself. I heard Tori speak again.

"He's Xander. My late cousin" Tori said "See!" She showed me a picture of Alex. Dated 1999.

"B-But he was born In 2001. He's 13." I said. "Alex in this photo is 15!"

"He's not Alex" Tori said jumping from the branch. I scrambled down the trunk and through the trees I saw someone.

"Alex?" I called. He turned around and a smile grew across his face. "Alex!" I screamed running up to him and jumping on his back. We ran through the trees until Tori faced us. 
"Topic get off 'Alex' Now" Tori said with a stern look on her face.

"Ok." I said scared. I climbed off alex and hid behind his tall body.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Tori screamed at me.  I stood firm so she levitated me above her head. She started questioning Alex and all i could do was watch. I couldn't even turn around. 

"You're lying" Tori spat at Alex. What happened next. Is unbearable. I squeezed my eyes shut and heard alex's groans and screams. When Tori let me down Alex was lying there. His body lifeless. I couldn't believe it. I sunk to my knees and cried beside him. 

"I know you're not Alex but i love you. You were the only one that understood" I whispered over his face. I had tears in my eyes but I wasn't going to let them spill. I used all my strength to heal what I could. 

"Topic?" Alex mumbled. His speech slurred.

"Yes. Yes Alex Its me" I said

I flung him on my back and ran back through the forest. I broke down the fence and placed him on the Couch opposite Secrets. I went to get him some water and I heard shouting from the living room. 


"Fine" I heard secrets say as he went back to his couch. I was in for a long few weeks. But wait.


What are Tori and Queenie going to make of this?


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