The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


7. Dances, Kisses and Romance

It was simple. Quick, Simple, Easy. I knew it was coming for a while. The way his smile changed slightly. Slightly wider when he looked at her. The change in attitude from her when it came to talking to him.No throwing him out and target practice on him.  Who am I talking about?


Secrets and Kennedy.



"SECRETS!" I called out "WHERE ARE YOU?"

"In here" I heard a faint call from the overflow barracks "Topic what's up?"

I ran down there and burst through the door quickly followed by Alex almost landing on top of me. 

"Secrets" I said after throwing alex on to one of the armchairs at the side of the room. "Wait" I murmured. "Why the suit?"

"Oh sorry I didn't hear you come in" Secrets said matter of factly into the full sized mirror.

"How the he.." Alex started saying before he got a face full of a floral cushion. 

"I'm going to a ball tonight" Secrets said fussing with his cuffs. "At the town hall"

I was overjoyed. It had been a while since I was able to get someone ready for this kind of thing. And by the look of Secrets plaid suit and his green t-shirt he needed a bit of help.

"eeeee!!!" I shrieked "do you need any help?"

"Sure I guess..." Secrets said slightly worried

"Yay!" I screamed loudly rummaging through a box of ties and a pile of shoes. There were some good ties and stuff in there but I went further down the naval route so he could show off his medals on his pocket maybe? I found a green commemorative WW2 R.A.F tie and threw it at his unsuspecting face.

"Woah Topic calm down a bit" He said and smiled. "Nice choice! I didn't know I had this tie." 

"mmhmm" I mumbled going through some shoe boxes. How can he have so little clothes?   Apart from the fact he's a furry. I imagined my overflowing wardrobe of clothes in the sewing room.... Ahh. I sew my clothes. Anywho.

"Put these on" I said to Secrets throwing a pair of shoes at him. Black lace ups.  Perfect for a ball.

I heard Secrets howl and then I worked out why. I'd throws the shoes at his head...

"Topic!" I mumbled "look where you're throwing things!"

"Sorry" I said and I heard Alex sniggering in the corner. So I threw another pillow at his head. If I didn't like him so much it would have been a knife. I turned around to see Secrets standing facing me in a black suit and white shirt. His tie reached the top of his trousers and his shoes blended in well. 

"Try these to.." I said throwing a pair of tinted sunglasses and black leather fingerless gloves at him. 'hmmm' I thought to myself. Maybe fixing him up with Marissa might work? I pulled out my phone and text her.

"Uhh Topic.." Secrets said 

"Yeah?" I said still studying my work

"Thank you but could you leave? I want to get changed into my everyday clothes" 

"Sure" I said with a smile. "Wait. What do you want for lunch?"

"A lovely venison sandwich" Secrets said licking his lips. I know he's a furry but he could dial it down a bit? Ham maybe?

"Ok" I said leaving with Alex. He went up to the tree house to change and go to the pool. Water and me. Not a good mix unless I want to go in or I'm saving someone. Anyway. I put my headphones on and started dancing around in my onesie while making the sandwiches. Secrets walked in on me dancing and I stopped abruptly.

"s-sorry" I mumbled taking the plates over to the table. It was only us in the house at that moment.

"I may hit the pool later" Secrets said his mouth full of bread and meat

"I was gonna sit by the pool and read" I said "Just don't splash me!"

"Pfft. I don't care" Secrets said licking his plate.

"I guessed" I said as I went to change. I went up to the tree house and threw alex out while I got my swimming costume on. It was newly sewed by me the night before. I slipped it on and grabbed my book. Well 3 copies of the same book. Pays to be prepared! I went down to the pool and sat on the edge. Sunglasses in my hair my feet dipped into the water. I was engrossed in the book. Before it and myself got splashed with what felt like a ton of water. 

"oops..." I heard secrets laugh "should have warned you Topic"

"Yeah. Maybe!" I said and pulled my towel around me but that was useless

"CANNONBALL!" I heard Alex scream as I got soaked again.

"Look Out!" Kenny screeched as she jumped in the pool fully clothed. 

"Great" I mumbled and slipped into the pool. I got the bottom of Kenny's trouser leg and connected it to the filter.

"kenny..." I giggled "trousers!" They had been sucked in so far they were more like hot pants by now. I got out of the pool and slipped my towel around my waist. I felt in my bag for another copy of my book and flipped to the page I was on. 

"I'm gonna take a nap if you want me!" I called back. Only to see alex lying unconscious on the bottom of the pool. I threw off my towel and dived in. My brown hair flying at all angles. I reached the bottom and lifted him on to the pool side. He woke and started coughing up water. 

"Kenny Don't do that!" I screamed

"well maybe he should have a greater lung capacity then" She smirked

"Ugh" I screamed and went to have a nap. I slept for about 3 hours until I was woken up by Tori kicking me in the side

"Owwww!" I screamed out in pain. "What?" 

"Do you think you could find something for Nico to wear to this ball?

"Huh?" i muttered "oh ok" I said. I jumped up and dived into my newly sewed clothes and found a blue pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a red tie. 

"This?" I questioned 

"Do you have anything like.... Darker? He is the son of Hades after all" Tori stuttered at me

"Well. If you had said that!" I said and pulled out a black pair of chinos and a black blazer. I found a grey button up shirt and a chalkboard grey tie. A pair of black sneakers and he was done.

"ta da!" I said and I gave it to him and ushered him to the makeshift dressing room I had up in my treehouse. Ok. I know it's weird but.. Just but. He came out holding the tie in his hand. 

"I can't do it up" He said "I can do a tie it just won't go right" 

"come here" I said and tied the tie in a perfect knot.

"done" I said then I noticed what Tori was wearing. It was the corset dress I'd made her. It fit perfectly. The black see through sleeves draping down her arms and the rings were on her middle fingers meaning the fabric stretched over her hands. Then her skit. The dark purple, which I told her was black, Draped perfectly over her legs and met the tops of her knees. She was beautiful. Her hair was in a side braid and she had some light make up on. Various bangles littered her arms completing the look. Why she didn't dress like this more often? I didn't know. Secrets had already gone and Kenny was dressed in white cross top and a purple skirt and a gold belt. She dragged Alex out the door while he was still putting his blazer on. He looked cute. A pair of new jeans, A white V neck t-shirt and a blue blazer. His hair gelled into slight spikes and a pair of black what looked like his school shoes. Shortly after Tori and Nico left I got to work. I finished cutting the fabric for my dress and sewed it up. I brushed my hair into a side parting and curled the ends slightly. I put on some light makeup and slipped on my dress. It was turquoise and ended about and inch above my knees on the front and had a trail at the back. I slipped on my white shoes with a slight heel and tapped out to my motorcycle. I put my small black over shoulder purse and my bangles under the seat. I sat down and revved up. I sped off into the night. My heart and mind were connected. Something good was going to happen tonight.


I sped in and parked. Just missing Secrets bike. Oops. I got my bangles and necklaces and slipped them on. My purse slung over my shoulder I walked in. I looked to the left and there was Tori beating up Alex in the corner. Great start. I just hoped she didn't rip her dress. Then to the right was Secrets and Kennedy talking to each other. I got a diet coke from the drinks table and made my way over to the seat where Alex had supposedly been sitting before. I sipped my coke and looked over at the dance floor. There in the middle dancing to 'Georgia on my mind - Michael Bublé' They were standing there just moving slightly with the song. I felt a head on top of mine and I moved to see who it was. It was Alex. Also... Moving my head wasn't a good idea. Alex fell forward and facepalmed the table. 

"Oh my days" I said "i'm so sorry!!"

"Don't worry" Alex said. "may I have this dance" He bowed but lifted his head to look at me

"yeah.. Ok" I smiled.

We stepped into the floor and I nodded to the pianist. I'd talked to him earlier. We had a deal. I'd nod he'd slow the music down. I nodded as I danced and spined. The music slowed to just be the piano and cello playing out a delightful tune. I looked over to see Kennedy and Secrets dancing slowly even as the music sped up. Alex spun me round to face the orchestra and I put my head on his shoulder. The next time I saw Secrets and Kennedy they were kissing. Quite passionately at that. I say Tori crying and heading to the ladies so I ushered Alex to the dessert table and asked him to get us both something. I pecked his cheek and headed the way Tori went. I wasn't ready for what happened next. I opened the door and saw Tori sitting on one of the toilets crying.

"Are you ok?" I whispered. Not wanting to induce a Tori flood of emotions.I failed. 

"IT DOESN'T MATTER TO YOU DOES IT?!" She screamed at me

"S-S-Sorry Tori" I said as I slipped out.

I walked back to the table to find Alex with a 3 scooped ice cream in a bowl. He had brought me back some strawberries and cream. I thanked him and ate. It was only the second thing I had eaten all day. As I finished Alex pushed his to the side. We slipped outside where I saw Secrets bike was gone. Tori. Alex and I jumped in the side car. I felt for his hand and slipped my fingers between his. As I started to doze off Secrets and Kennedy came out. Their lips still interlocked.

"Hey" I heard Alex say. I knew he was smirking "Want a ride?"

"Uhh. Sure." Secrets said jumping on the bike. Kennedy jumped on behind him and clung to his T-shirt. I felt in my purse for my phone and saw a text from Tori

'Stay away from Alex, He's not who he says he is!'

I deleted the message and put my head on Alex's shoulder. I had his blazer on top as me as a blanket. We sped off through the city. The street lights glowing but the stars over powered them. The last thought as I went to sleep was..

'Haven would have loved this...'

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