The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


9. And then... Black

When I heard the dial tone I thought he had given up on me. Given up on Kennedy. Given up on the Shadownights completely. I started CPR again before being pushed away from Kenny. I rolled and jumped up a knife in hand, Ready to kill. No-one touches my family. I clambered back up to the plain above me to find secrets there. 

"I thought if you took another step back into town you were going to be thrown in prison" I said pointing out his dishonesty.

"Well after you told me Kenny was pretty much dead I thought hey a year in prison won't do me any harm" He said with a cold hard look on his face. 

"Fine then" I said calling 999. I wasn't letting Kenny die. Secrets was pushing hard on her chest. Trying to get her back. I watched in fear as she didn't respond. The paramedics arrived and tried to push Secrets back.

"NO!" He screamed pushing them out of the way. "I'm staying here."
I stood there watching them pull Secrets away. Then. Silence. I ran over to Secrets limp body on the ground and felt a tear slip. I was losing my family again. The same pain, fear, hurt as before. I guess history does just repeat itself. I sunk to my knees next to him as a paramedic pushed me out of the way to get to him. I didn't go back. As they strapped the two limp bodies on to the stretchers Annabeth arrived from the academy. She was followed by what she thought was the armed response unit. It wasn't. They were members of the high security prison 'Kalmo'. I was ready to shoot. Slipping the gun inch by inch out of my shoe. But I was too late. What looked like the head of the organization pulled out a tranquilizer dart and shot Secrets in the leg.

"NO" I screamed pulling out my gun and shooting down some officers. To get my revenge. For Lizzie and Secrets. I heard some gun shots go off and whiz past my ears. But one didn't. I fell in pain as the bullet went through my thigh at lightning speed. I fell to the floor to see paramedics rushing over to me and asking me many incomprehensible questions. I felt the darkness trying to take me and I knew I should fight it. I tried I really did.

"Is she ok?" I heard Kenny croak

"Don't worry about her come on" One of the paramedics said to Kenny putting her into the ambulance. The last thing I remember is Annabeth putting me on her motorcycle and speeding after Kenny.



And then.... Black

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