Behind the stage.

We are touring trough Holland. Nobody knows I'm one of "that popular boy band" called Knowless.

It's not weird that nobody knows me. I'm only behind the stage. I sing. For someone who calls himself a "singer". But he isn't. He doesn't even sing one single word in a whole concert. He only takes the applause. I should get that applause. But I don't. I'm only behind the stage...


4. ||BTS|| Who I am.

Before you can understand why I don't leave Knowless, you have to know a little about me. Who I'm, how old, family members and stuff.

It's actually pretty hard for me to tell, because I don't like who I'm, and what I've did... But I will try my best for you..

So my name is Liam and I'm 20 years old now. I were 16 when we started Knowless. The other guys were 17 and 18 then. I were the youngest. Eric the oldest.

I've got 2 sisters, and both my parents.

Before I started the tour, I lived with them in a nice little town in England.

I was a great pupil, actually a real geek. I had a girlfriend, but I had to break up with her because of the tour. I still love her. I still miss her.

She doesn't know were I'm, she doesn't know what I do now... I hope I can see her again one time...

I'm very sorry... I can't tell you more about myself. Let's talk about.... the weather?

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