Behind the stage.

We are touring trough Holland. Nobody knows I'm one of "that popular boy band" called Knowless.

It's not weird that nobody knows me. I'm only behind the stage. I sing. For someone who calls himself a "singer". But he isn't. He doesn't even sing one single word in a whole concert. He only takes the applause. I should get that applause. But I don't. I'm only behind the stage...


5. ||BTS|| The concert.

When the concert day is finally there, the whole crew has to go to the stadium were it's going to happen.

We need to build a podium, and the lights need to hung.

The reason why I tell you about "we" and not about "them" is because I have to help as well.

I'll do the microphones, the place were I stand has to be all covered up, the music has to be on the good volume...

And in the evening all I do is sing. I don't really have tim to rest on days like that. And Eric doesn't does anything. Not in the morning, not in the evening. He isn't even there with the soundcheck.

Not like we need him with that, but it's just unfair.

I do everything. From the building parts, to the singing parts. He does freaking nothing.

And he's happy. That's all what matters.

I'm almost depressed, so what?!

When Eric finally arrives, you can already hear the girls. They sound like a big bee. Buzzz errricc buzzzz knowlezzzz.

Around 8 o'clock the first girls are coming in. They run to the stage. You can hear them giggle. I look at them from my spot. They don't see me. I do see them.

When it's around 9 o'clock almost everybody is in the stadium. The big bee is a giant bee now. The noise is terrible.

When Eric goes on stage, some of the girls start to freak out. They cry, they scream, they pass out.

It's really freaky that such a loser as Eric can do that to girls.

On a little screen I can look at Eric and all the fan girls. I just waited until I can sing when my heart almost stopped.

That's her. My girl. My beautiful lovely girl. I missed her so much. I want to go to her. I know I can't, but I have to.. I need to find something...

After "Eric" sang, I asked a guy of the security to let my girl behind the stage. He looked for her for a little wile, and then goes back without her...

A voice in my head gets angry. "Why isn't she there! We're is she! I love her! How can she just go away!"

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