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4. Midnight Rogue's Question(s) - 2

Midnight Rogue's Question(s) - 2

When it comes to the multiplayer characters, as far as I am aware, the extent of their backstory (in a playable sense) is what you see when it's shown to you. Therefore you can't actually play the backstory of these characters.

What you can do, however, is unlock a larger database entry on the character as you play. I think it comes from levelling up like most of the unlockables, though I may be wrong. I have unlocked a couple of "extra entries" (as I see them) through normal multiplayer progression. It's entirely possible that they are also unlocked by doing certain things in multiplayer as certain characters.

I think by leaving the backstories so vague UBISOFT have opened the way for fans to make their own stories with these characters, though in Brotherhood and ACIV we did see some of the multiplayer characters in side missions, and "the Renegade" was a main mission assassination in Revelations.

Unfortunately, I think that is the extent of their backstories in the game setting.

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