My name is Seth

About a boy with facial disfigurement, hope you enjoy


5. School, with a difference.....

I walked into school expecting the usual stares but today was different, when people stared at me it wasn't because they were scared or curious, it was because of something else, and I just couldn't put my finger on it. So I ignored everything and walked into English, we were learning about Shakespeare, which I thought was very boring, so instead of listening I just sat there and thought about home, which sucked. “Seth, when was Shakespeare born? “I looked up confused, and the boy next to me whispered “1564” I was really surprised, when did people be nice to me? I answered the teacher. “Thanks” I said to the boy next to me. “No worries, my name is Nigel” He put his hand out, he had a firm grip, quite rough hands too. “Hi, my name is Seth, nice to meet you” I felt embarrassed, no one really spoke to me so I didn't have much practice actually talking. The teacher had a smile on her face, a smile that couldn't fit her mouth, but she said “If you want to talk, you can do it in detention” we immediately stopped speaking but Nigel whispered “Meet me at lunch outside the doors” I nodded. I was really happy, was this finally it, and was this Nigel the end of my misery? I hoped so…………

I walked out the door and saw Nigel, i waved, and he ran to me. "Hi, I'm new here, and i am like you, i had an operation on my ear, because i had golden heart syndrome. I know what it feels like" I was shocked, i thought i was the only one, but i wasn't. "Anyway, well done! Everyone has seen your art work and YOU are the new thing everything is talking about!"

"Oh really? i was kinda scared with all the attention. "Um, would you mind not talking that loud, pp please, i don't want any trouble" I hope he knew what i meant, BULLIES.

" Oh no no, you have it all wrong Seth! Everyone likes you now! The whole school is talking about the artwork you did in Art club!"

Was this all a dream? I felt very very scared........


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