Letters To The Bullies

These are letters to the bullies from the their victims. From just slight bulling to major bulling just so people understand how the victims feel.


4. 4.

Hey, i'm the co author! Im Mxfia PinkInkPen Enjoy!!


Dear Bully,

Why don't you help me instead of trying to make me worse,

stop trying to make me cry and act like you did not do anything,

Why can't you just be nice and understand,

I don't mean any harm to you, so why do you harm me and make me get hurt?

Why are you such an attention seeker taking all my friends.

Why are you always grumpy and unhappy- just be cheerful, please?

Are you bullying me because of what happened to you in the past?

Are you needing a friend to rely on?

Well, maybe if you were nice to me it is more likely to happen.

Instead of pinching me, poking me, bruising me,

why don't you just leave me alone?

go tell your family how you feel?

Just leave me alone



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