Letters To The Bullies

These are letters to the bullies from the their victims. From just slight bulling to major bulling just so people understand how the victims feel.


2. 2.

Dear Bully,

Every time you push me into a wall, every time you kiss my neck, everything you rape me makes my feel like a slut. You make me feel used and dirty. And you let your friends guys and girls touch me and fuck me i hate it. I would leave you if i wasn't scared of what u would do to me. The last time i tried to leave you broken my arm and covered in bruises and raped me leaving me pregnant with our kid then to months later you kneed my belly killing our child i hurt so much knowing you hated me so much to kill something that makes me happy. I wonder what would happen if you made me happy would you kill yourself or just try and make me hate you again. You can continue what your doing but i cant promise the police wont find out.


The Victim 

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