A Little Love Doesn't Hurt..

Addison Marie Hillard, age 16, had a twin brother, who died. Everybody thinks it's her fault that he died. Her parents abuse her because of that reason and her life is hell. But what happens when Her parents get caught and she's sent to an adoption centre? And what happens when Simon Cowell adopts her? And a certain blonde boy steals her heart? Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1: New Start

Chapter 1

Addies POV

"C'mon Aaron!! Let's do 'The Notebook' scene!!" I squealed. "Which scene?" He said giving me a weird look. I looked at my twin brother. "What scene do you think? The lying on the road scene! Of course not the yucky scenes!" I said, disgusted. He laughed. "Of course not the yucky scenes!!! But it's too dangerous! What if the car comes and we don't see the car?" He asked worried. "YOLO!" I screamed.

He rolled his eyes. "You do it. I'll keep watch!" He said and crossed his arms. I giggled. "Ok!" I squealed.

We ran to the kitchen to tell Mummy. "Mummy we're going to go out to play! Is that ok?" Aaron asked. I rolled my eyes. He was always sensible and was the most loved one. "Sure sweetpea! Now Aar-bear and Addie be careful ok? I love you guys!" She said and kissed Aaron's forehead. I walked over to her and she kissed mine.

It may seem that she loves us both the same but, No. That's not it at all!

Just last week, Aaron had kicked a ball at Mummy's favourite vase, guess who she blamed? ME! I mean I was sitting on the couch reading a book and I heard a vase breaking, so I looked up and saw Aaron holding a ball looking as guilty as ever! Mummy comes down and she gives out to me!!! I mean woman you could clearly see it was him!

But Aaron, being the best brother ever, stood up for me! I love him so much!!

"Ok Mummy!! We love you too!! We'll be back before supper!" He screamed and ran outside with me. We ran down the green and I layed down on the road.

"Ok Aaron, if a car comes, yell 'CAR!!' Ok? If not, I'll die." I said and gave him a warning look. He nodded. I smiled.

After about 10 minutes, no car came.

"Eh I'm bored, let's go inside and watch tv. I said and got up.

I was so focused on a bug that had caught my eye, I didn't notice Aaron shouting 'CAR!'

I looked up and froze. A car was right in front of me. I don't know what to do. I'm scared.

"ADDIE MOVE!" I heard Aaron shout. I couldn't.

All of a sudden, I felt myself being pushed to the side. I looked to the other side and saw Aaron on the road, with blood all over him.

"AARON!" I screamed. I ran over to him. My parents, probably must've heard me ran outside. I sobbed and hugged his body. My parents ran over to us. I told them the whole story.

"AARON!" They shouted and started crying. The neighbours ran outside and we called the ambulance. They got there around fifteen minutes later. They felt his pulse and sighed. My heart dropped. NO NO NO!!! This can not be happening. I sobbed harder and my parents sobbed.

"Mam, I'm sorry, we were too late. He's gone." Those two words broke my heart. They walked to Aaron and put him on a stretcher. They wheeled him away to the ambulance and took off. The neighbours walked back into their own houses and I stood up. I hid my face and cried. And Cried. I looked up to my parents and they had the most angriest face ever.

"YOU! YOU ARE THE REASON HE DIED! MY POOR BABY BOY!" My mum shouted. I cowered away. "YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN OUR BABY DID EVERYDAY!!" My Dad shouted. I looked at then petrified.


• • •

I woke up sweating. I started crying as I looked around the room. Im having a panic attack. I ran to my bathroom and washed my face. I ran back to my room and screamed in my pillow. Oh Aaron, how I miss you.

That was 6 years ago. That dream that I had. We were 10 that time. Ever since Aaron died, my parents started abusing me. I never looked at them the same way...

They tortured me in so many ways..

Every day I come home from school, David, my dad would give me the regular beating which consists of:



Pulling my hair

Slamming me against the wall


Giving me a scar.

After that, I'd run to my room and lock the door, until, Rosalie, my mom, would open the door with a spare key and do the same thing David did.

Oh yeah. Ever since I was 14 I stopped calling them mom and dad.

I HATE them. Absolutely HATE them! Luckily I'm still a virgin... I guess Aaron loves me a bit to still make me a virgin.

I checked the time, 6:00 am.

Time for school.

I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I stripped and stepped into the bathroom. The hot water, stung, from the pain and cuts, but I ignored it. I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a fluffy towel. I changed into a red wooly top, that said 'Love' in black and wore some black leggings. I put on some black nail polish and curled my hair. I wore a black beanie and put on some light makeup. I frowned at myself. I'm so ugly. Even with make up on...

I took my razor and cut myself. Not on my hand though. The top of my thigh. Smart to do it there, nobody can see them unless they see you without your knickers.

You probably think, how am I getting this stuff if my parents hate me?

I steal.

Sometimes the shops, but other than that Rosalie and David's room when they are gone out for a drink.

You must also think that 6 years of this abuse, must kill me? Well it didn't... I don't know why. I have tried to escape many times but it never works... They put a chip in my head and Aaron's head when we were born so when we leave, they'll know straight away where we are. *Hehe* Anyway..

I walk downstairs on my tiptoes. I have to be quiet because ever since Aaron died, they drink. ALOT! Once I ran down the stairs thinking they wouldn't wake up. Guess what? They did. They had a major hangover and abused till I couldn't move but I did in the end...

I left a note for my parents so that they wouldn't think I ran away. There's no point anyway. I walked to school and was immediately greeted by my best friend for eves, Alia. She's the only one who knows about the past...

"Hey Ad, are you ok?" She asked, concerned. "Yeah I'm fine.. For some reason they didn't hurt me that much..." I said trailing off. She nodded and hugged me. "Hopefully someone will find out. I would do it but they wouldn't believe me you know?" She said. I nodded. But clearly, she just didn't want to go through the trouble, I mean I love her and all but you know... She hates getting in trouble.

OH MY GOD! I forgot to tell you about my self! So well my full name is Addison Marie Hillard. I LURVVV my name. It's so different to the rest. I'm 16 years old.. Not an adult yet..

My Birthday is on the 11th Of May.

I have wavy brown hair that stops until my elbow and brown eyes. I'm slim and I have curves. I ABSOLUTELY HATE MY LAUGH! It's like a hyena laugh..

My favourite singer is Demi Lovato! She's my fav! If I ever meet her I'd die! 'For the love of a daughter' speaks to me. Even though my mom does it to but like...

My favourite colour is Black. I like Aaron, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, spaghetti and ice cream and unicorns actually.

I hate, shopping, One Direction, prissy pink and Tanya. She's the school bully and thinks she's better than every one. I seriously think she's ugly. She has blonde hair that stops up to her bum. She has brown eyes and wears ALOT of makeup. She's caked up in makeup. I absolutely HATE her.

"ADDIE!" I snap out of my trance and look Alia. She rolled her eyes. "I've been calling you for ages!" She groaned. "I'm really sorry!!! I was thinking about something." I said guiltily. She just nodded. "Anyway I was thinking, of a plan you know to get you out of the devils path." She said with a smile. I nodded. "So when you get abused keep the curtains opened, before that call the social services to keep an eye." She said with a smile. "They would surely close the curtains though.." I said back. "How about do something bad outside and make them come outside and then you know..." She said. "ALIA!! YOU ARE A GENIUS!" I squealed. Everybody stared at me and I blushed. "What do you have?" Alia asked me. "Um maths with Mr. Devon. You?" I asked her. "English with Mrs. Lyons." She said sadly. "It's ok! Hey I'll meet you at lunch ok?" I said. She smiled. "Byeee!" We said and hugged.

Ugh Math...

• • •

"Yes, yeah I am sure! Ok I will, bye." I said and smiled. I had just finished talking to the social services! Now I have to think of something bad to do... Suddenly I heard a beep. I looked at my phone and saw a text.


Rosalie 👿:

Hey Slutty Bitch who killed my son!

Get some beer for David and me. If you don't, then you know what's gonna happen...😈


Wow ok. *Sorry the font changed*

WAIT THIS PERFECT!!! I have a plan...

I ran to the nearest shop and bought the beer. I ran home and searched for the social services. I found them and dropped the beer. I heard the thumping footsteps and the door opened to a very angry looking Rosalie and David.

"Oh sweets! You could've hurt yourself!! Come inside!" Rosalie said and practically dragged me inside.

"You thought that you could get rid of us that easily?? Well try again." Rosalie seethed in my ear. I cried and cried as they abused me in every different ways. Then I heard the door burst open. I looked in shock and saw the police and a kind looking woman. They took Rosalie and David off me and the kind looking woman opened her arms. I ran into them and she hugged me.

"Rosalie and David Hillard. You both are arrested for assault and abuse. You both are sentenced 7 years in jail." They said and they brought them outside. I looked down.

"Sweetie.. Come with me to my office and we shall talk about what happens to you..." She said and we drove to her office.

• • •

"Now Sweetie, you do know you are only 16 that you are not a legal adult yet.. Right?" She asked me kindly. I nodded. "But before we do this, are you ok? Any critical injury?" She asked. I shook my head. "Ok but after this we are going to get you checked out. Ok?" She asked. I nodded. "Now back to the topic, since you have no relatives alive, you are going to have to go to an adoption center ok?" She said. "Ok.." I said quietly. "But I bet you'll get adopted quickly, since you are a lovely girl!" She said with a smile. I nodded.

"Great now let's get you checked." She said and I nodded. I got myself checked out and texted Alia everything. She didn't say anything so I just put my phone away. We got myself checked but I was fine so we just drove to the adoption center with my stuff.

"Addie, This is your new home.." She said and smiled.

At least I was out of that hellhole...

This is my new start. And I'm gonna make the most of it.


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