the edge of the woods



1. the edge of the woods

Fantasy story

- The edge of the wood

She was just an ordinary girl. They called her Alison. She was raised in an orphanage with all the other kids. On the outside she was a little girl, had dark hair, blue eyes and freckles around her nose. She was just an ordinary girl nobody cared about. She had no family. All she could remember from her life was the orphanage. Inside she was sad and lonely. She had no friends. All the time she could remember the other children had bullied her. Now she´s 11 years old and nothing has changed. She´s still that lonely girl in the orphanage. Sometimes when she has time for herself she walks, she walks into the forest beside the orphanage. She really loves listening to the birds twitting and the rustling in the forest floor. She loves the green trees and the blue sky. She can walk in the forest for hours. When she comes back to the orphanage she gets bullied, the children says she should go back to her fairy tale world in the forest and dream about how it will be if she had a family and friends there would take care of her. In that moment Alison had enough, she run out of the door while she cry. She run into the wood, she run and run on her naked feet until she was lost.

   “I thought I have been everywhere in this forest”, mumbles Alison while she sits down on a big stone, a little tear trickle down her cheek. She needs to think about what to do now.  Suddenly she hears a little sound. Something or someone rustle behind a bush. A little being comes out from the bush. Alison stands up and ask, “Who are you?” “I’m a dwarf named Robert and you are Alison!” Alison look thoughtful on the dwarf “How do you know who I’m?” “You have been gone since you were an infant” Alison has an inquiring look on her face.

   The dwarf begins to explain the saturation to Alison “From 37 years ago a little girl was born, my tribe called her Elizabeth, she was also a dwarf and she is your biological mother. You mother is raised up in this forest. One day she became queen over the dwarfs. She fall in love with a human being and this was very dangerous, because no humans had ever seen the dwarfs. But they fell in love and your mother gave birth to you. But some other beings called gnomes was so angry, because Elizabeth had bring a human to this part of the forest. Therefore the gnomes abducted your mother and father into at magical portal were the gnomes lives now. The only person who can save them now is you. You are half human, half dwarf. No normal human can find this part of the forest. The myth says that when the time is ready to save your mother and father. You will come to our part of the forest and you will save them”. Alison is a lot more confused now. “I don’t really understand. I have a family?” “Yes you have and they loves you so much, but follow me and I will bring you to our village” On the way to the village Robert tells her every think to know about the dwarfs, the evils gnomes and why she was so important. He tells her that no dwarf can pass the portal, but she can because she is half human, half dwarf and she can take any dwarf whit her into the portal if she just hold the dwarf in the hand.

   When they came to the village all the dwarfs was so exited to finally see her. Next day Robert brings her to a big house. Almost all the dwarf from the village is placed around a table in the middle. They have planned how they should save the king and queen. The same day some of the dwarfs take Alison to the portal. The portal is hidden between two trees. The portal is almost translucent. Now she can see her quest, she will start the fight between the dwarfs and the gnomes. “The fight will start tomorrow,” says Robert. The next day all the dwarfs are together in front of the portal. They are all ready for the fight. Alison takes Roberts’s hand and Robert take another dwarf hand etc. until they have made a long chain of dwarfs and Alison. Alison take a slowly step and walk into the portal with all the dwarfs. They were in. They all stay in an edge of the wood. “It’s a whole new part of the wood we have never seen” say Robert. Alison gets dizzy and says, “It’s here. The gnomes know we will come here. They are on the way and they are so many”. Robert answers “Alison! What do you see? Is your mom and dad alive?” “Yes they are, they are also on the way, but the gnomes has put them in a cage.”

   A few moment after the gnomes come out from the trees. They are ready to fight. The gnomes and dwarfs fight for a long time. It was a big fight and many died. Then the fight was over the dwarf stay in the edge of the wood and looked on all the dead gnomes. The gnomes were vanquished and they can go back to the familiar forest, with Alison’s mom and dad. Alison have never feel so important in hers whole life. She was so happy and she will never go back to the orphanage.  Elizabeth became the queen again and Alison’s dad became the king of the forest and some day Alison will be the queen of the forest and she will be the best leader the dwarf ever had.




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