The dead world


1. The Dead world

It is only 50 years ago, where all people had their imagination, but it feels like another world. There had existed for 1000 years ago. It all starts with a group of 6 scientists. They were all good friends and they had a strong interest for radioactivity radiation. Places of the world are dead, there don’t live any creatures, they tried to found a solution on the problem, and with a mistake. They found out if a human got enough radioactivity radiation, they could remove their imagination. If the people don’t have their imagination, they would be able to be controlled, as the animals in a circus. They called the “sickness” inventio. The scientists agreed that these discoveries had remained a secret, but one of scientist didn’t agree, his name is dr. Hammerback. He had always been power hungry. Now 50 years after, he had the control of all the areas were human can live. We call the places Captivus. The world is so irradiate that people only can live short time out from the areas, as dr. Hammerback has enclosed.

I live up in the mountains in a valley. Here is the radiation not so high. My mom was one of the 6 scientists, but before dr. Hammerback got too much power, she fled along with some of the others. We are 20 people in the valley and I’m the youngest. My parents have together with the others made a community. It’s reminiscent of the middle ages. We live on the food we have till on the fields. The house is built out of tree and others materials we can find. It´s a simple lifestyle and when my parents tell about the life there had before, its sound weird. Sometimes I cannot believe that the world has existed. I have read a lot of it in the books. My parents’ biggest dream is to stop the radiation, so people can live out from Captivus, and in peace. They want to create the world there was before dr. Hammerback got the power. They feel it’s their fault, and specially my mother.



“Kira come on, hurry up. You are in a hurry, Mathilde waits on you”. “ I´m coming now, mom”. Mathilde is a woman in the valley, and I had known her always. Normally I work in the field where we have ours vegetables, but today I help Mathilde. Mathilde is one of my mom’s friend’s children, and she is the closet I come on a friend. We are going out to find some herbs and plants, so my mother can make some medicine and get some soil samples. My mom is the Valleys doctor. I love when I have to help Mathilde, then I hadn´t to do the work in the field. The work is hard, and it can be really hot in the summer.


Today we shall find; some lemon grass, ginger and thistle… and bamboo, I had nearly forgot that. Okay, but the gingers are in the high-risk area, the radioactivity is to high, and we cannot go there. Mathilde is unconcerned, but is not her father there is dead because of the radioactivity. My dad was out on an inspection of the ground. He got splotch over the body and he could not remember things, my mom realizes that he got the Inventio. She had to kill him like an animal, with a broken leg, but that’s the rule. When first one has got it, it can spreads like the plague. I was 5 years and my mom had sent my to bed early, but I couldn´t sleep. I could hear him moan. It was horrible to hear… I cried a lot. That is 11 years ago.


Mathilde goes after the gingers, in the meantime I find the other plants. I was faster this time; I was better to recognize the plants. We went back to the Village, as if all was normal. My mom was glad we could find the gingers. I nearly said that Mathilde was out from the border, but Mathilde stop me, with her elbow in my rib. I was concerned about Mathilde, she is my only kind of friend, and I couldn’t lose her to the inventio.


The next days I hold an eye on her, if she shows any sign of the inventio. Would I say it, to my mom and so she could save Mathilde. My mom has told me if a person had inventio, they will get splotch over the body and don’t remember any thing. The symptoms will comes after 36 hours.



The sun bakes, and I can feel the suns rays on my sunburnt skin. It´s hot, more than normal. It was very hard to work in the field. On the way home I visited Mathilde. It´s long time since I have seen Mathilde, her mom said she is sick and have a flue. But I think it something else, I’m´ concerned; maybe it’s the Inventio. I hope not, I will not lose her. The more I think about it, the more I can feel that I’m setting the pace up. I start to small run. I just think, she cannot die, she must not die. I knock on the door and her mom opens, she had a nervous facial expression, Mathilde had not left her room since we were out for plants. My concern became reality. When I saw her lay her bed, in the dark room. You could only see dimly her eyes because there was a little crack in the curtains. I walk closer, she was really ill. Her arms were full of splotch. The splotch was red, and inflamed. “You don’t look surprised Kira”, “no Mathilde, I had guessed it”. So what is you goanna do, I don’t know. Maybe my mom can fix something together. No Kira, it’s my own fault, you tried to warn me. Sorry but I have to go now. Will you tell your mom, so she can find the needle? Yes of course.


I walk sadly and slowly home, the way feels like a million kilometers. My mom has like me, guessed that Mathilde had got the Inventio. She had already found the needle when I came home. Tonight she will go to Mathildes house and upstairs to Mathildes room, where she will give her the needle with the purple fluid, like was it a normal vaccine. She just walks out of the door like always. She doesn’t show any reaction. I wait for her, an hour later she came home, and she has the same facial expression like always. I mean she is the coldest person I ever had known, but she’s not. She is a fantastic mom and she only do it because she know that’s the right thing.  

It was an empty weekday as following. I felt so defenseless, so lost. I must do something, I can’t let several people died. In the night, will I go down to the river and follow it, to the town, I had to stop the radioactivity, the world died, and people got sick by the inventio. I find an old map over the country. I cunning down the stairs so my mom don’t awake. It´s still dark outside, and the stars shinning bright and the moon is full. It’s a beautiful night. It´s only my eyes you can see. The clothes cover the rest of my body, it’s for protection against the radioactivity.


It took long time to go, I walk night and day and I slept a bit in the day. After 4 days did I see the end of the forest, I saw the sun stood high in the sky. I thinking, I just stay here just for a few days. I have found a cave I was tired and exhausted. I had to find some food and water. I was very hungry, I hadn´t eat the latest day and my water slap up in the morning, but first I want to sleep. When I awake, the sun was nearly going down. It went out to find water and food. I found a spring and some berry and nuts. I went back to the cave, I get inside to get my stuff when I saw this big, mad bear. The bear attacks me, and I lose my consciousness. I wake up I second and see this boy, and after that I don’t remember anything.


I feel some sunbeams on my skin, and a wet cloth on my skin. I open my eyes, and saw I was in a room I lie in the bed, there was an open door out to a bathroom, where there came some noises. A man came out. “Hey you awake”, “year”, I tried to answer, but my stomach hurt a lot, so it was difficult. His name was Ethan, and he work in the administration in the town. He was different, from the others I have met from my journey. The other people had been in a kind of trance. Ethan explained that the people I had met had lost their imagination. He tells about how the community was structures, and the “town” like I had call it was a big building in levels, and when you get born and until you start in school, you get tested so the administration knows which level you can live your life in. there are 5 levels in all. Level 1 is the worst, the people in level one are the cleaners, and they take care of all the trash. People in level 5 is the administration, it´s here where dr. Hammerback live. Its only people in levels 5 there can go in all the levels, that means that if you belong in level 3 can you not visit an old friend in level 4. There is a special level, where all the children are, and that’s place is call ground zero, is only the few special people there knows where it is and some can go to there. After he had told me all, about the town. I told him, that my name was Kira and I had lived in the mountains, my entire life. I told him about Mathilde and my father, and why I want to stop dr. Hammer. He would help me, he himself, lost his parents in the fight against dr. Hammerback. Some people their before had been prestigious professor, as where end up in level 1 had try to start a rebellion against dr. Hammerback, it where end up in a civil war, but it didn’t help. The next morning did I follow Ethan to see how it all work outs. And as the time went, did I meet Ethan’s friend. They would all help me to stop dr. Hammerback, we would also try to save the children, they don’t had get their imagination removed. I also found out that people on level 5 don’t have their imagination removed. 


The weeks went, and Ethan had got me a job, in ground zero. I have been in Captivus, for 2 months. It is rumored, and the rumor it a revolution will start. Ethan had contact some friends there lived outside Captivus, like I did. We had started to send children out. The children are smuggled out, using the hoistway. Hoistway will be used for dead people. We started by giving them a syringe, which stun them, they are then subsequently declared dead, and sent out through hoistway, where Ethan's friends received them and helped them away. We had already sent the children under 12 out. We said the children had got polio, and it was too risky to let anyone of them survive. The administration accepted that excuse. The elderly children were more difficult to smuggle out.



The day before the revolution


The day feels long, there was this special intimate atmosphere, the last 7 children were nervous, the day decline and after dinner I gave them the anaesthetization.  The 7 children go to bed, and I read them a story. The clock past 11, and I sent the children out like trash. Before I went home I closed Ethan's friends into the building. We met in the park. Where we would go to Dr. hammerbacks apartment, but before we got that far we got stopped by some police, we had been betrayed, someone had told him that we would come, but we were ready for battle. Some people from our group stayed, while Ethan and I and some other sneaks us into dr. Hammerbacks apartment.


Everything was destroyed in the apartment.  “Kira, behind you. I tried to avoid Dr. hammerbacks Knife, but it still sliced my ear”. I tried to shot him, but he was to fast. I stand front of the open window, and I saw Captivus lay out to the ocean, I can see straight down into the waves as strikes against the mountain wall. Dr. Hammerback ran into me and took hold, we were falling back out of the window, I felt the cold air around my head, I looked straight into his eyes, I saw the despair and anger, and I thought he need help.

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