The Dragonborn


1. The Dragonborn

Freddy is a pretty normal guy. He does his chores, has an older brother, and an uncle to take care of them. All in all he’s a normal 16 year old boy, with a pretty normal family. Freddy lives in Marilia in a little village called Hogwrath. He lives with his brother Dylan and his uncle Ned. Freddy and Dylan lives with their uncle because their parents were killed when they were very young. They’ve never been told why or how.

One day Freddy went out in the woods to hunt. He found a lone deer grazing. He took his bow and placed an arrow on his bowstring, took his time aiming and just as he was about to release the arrow, a bright light followed by a loud thump, scared the deer away.  When the smoke cleared he walked over to where the explosion had been and saw a big, bluish, smooth stone. He took the stone with him home and pretended nothing had happened.

The next morning Freddy wanted to take a better look at the stone. He went out to the barn, where he had hid the stone behind a pile of hay. He was turning and feeling it all over, trying to figure out, what sort of stone he had found. After some time of twisting and turning, he put the stone down, and just looked at it, still not able to figure out what it was, when suddenly the stone moved a little, and then… nothing again. Freddy could have sworn, that he saw it move. Or was it just his imagination. But then it moved again. Just a tiny bit, then a lot, and suddenly the stone broke and a little creature appeared from the shell from what he thought was a stone, but he quickly realized that the stone was actually an egg. At first he thought it was some kind of bird, but then he took a closer look at it and realized it was a little baby dragon. He took care of the little dragon for a couple of days. Feeding it. Playing with it. Teaching it to fly. Then one day it flew high up in the clouds, and Freddy thought that it wouldn’t come back, but then not 10 seconds later, it appeared from the white clouds as it came back and was somehow fully grown. It landed right in front of Freddy. Freddy looked at it for a bit. The dragon raised his head as if he was about to speak.

- Hello Freddy.

- Hey.

Freddy just stood for a while, and looked at the dragon with a riddled face.

- How can you speak with me?

- I can hear your thoughts and you can hear mine. I am Odahwiing. I have waited a thousand years inside that egg, for the chosen one to find me. You are that chosen one, Freddy and now, as it is written on the ancient stone wall of Bzalft, we must learn to fight together, and you must learn to ride me, and become The Dragonborn, or in the ancient tongue of the dovah, the dragons… Dovahkiin.

The High King of Marillia heard about this and wanted the boy killed immediately, because he too knew of the prophecy, which wrote that only The Dragonborn could kill him. He sent out 10 evil shadow hunters to kill the boy and bring his head back.

Freddy didn’t know anything about dragons, but had heard that an old man in the village did, so he went to visit him. He didn’t know exactly where he lived so he asked someone for directions, but he ended up finding it. He knocked on the door, and a man dressed in poor-mans robes stood in the door. Before Freddy had said a word the man exclaimed: ‘’The Dragonborn’’. Freddy was very surprised, that the old man knew about him.

- How did you know?

- I’ll tell you later. For now, just come inside. Quickly now.

Freddy went inside, and was pointed to a chair near a fireplace.

-  My name is Ragnar and I about your dragon. I want to help you understand it, and help you train with it.

They talked for hours about dragons and about previous Dragonborn.

The next day they stood up early and Ragnar had told Freddy that they had to join the Adens and kill the evil High King. He had said that the Adens are enemies of the king that have joined forces. So they began their journey to the Adens. They trained on the way there. He learned new abilities, like magic, Being able to command things in the world with Words of Power, such as commanding the wind, fire or even the trees around them. He was also being taught the way of the sword and to fight like a true warrior.

It was night. Ragnar woke up Freddy very quietly, He told Freddy that he saw something in some bushes. They took out their swords and looked around. And just as they were about to go back to sleep, shadow hunters attacked. Freddy and Ragnar fought bravely but couldn’t defeat them. Freddy shouted his dragons name in hope of being saved.

- Odahwiing!

Odahwiing came diving towards them, and landed in front of the hunters. He used the Words of Power:

- Yol Toor Shul!

 He burnt every single one of the hunters to ashes. Afterwards they went back to sleep, but Freddy was too shocked by the attack to sleep.

They finally reached the Adens. They agreed to fight along sides, and not stop until every last one of the High Kings men had been killed. They prepared for battle, putting on their armors and getting their weapons ready.

They could hear the enemy closing in. They breached the castle and the fight was on. Screams and roars. Blood and sweat. Freddy and Odahwiing joined the battle. They fought splendidly together, as if they had so from the moment they were born, which in Odahwiings case was true. They killed many orgs and shadow hunters. But then suddenly the High King came flying on his own dragon and Freddy and the king fought intensely against each other. Fire was shooting across the sky and dragon screams could be heard miles away. Freddy came flying towards the king like an arrow. Odahwiing bit down on the other dragons neck, so Freddy could get to the king. The king stabbed Freddy’s leg, and Freddy screamed in pain. He endured the burning pain in his left leg, and stabbed the king through his heart. The king fell towards the ground. The people fighting on the ground saw this, and began cheering loudly. The remains of the kings army fled into the mountains and was never seen again, and at last there were no evil High King. There was finally peace.

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