The dark dangerous world

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
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1. The dark dangerous world

The dark dangerous world

I just woke up from my bed, but was still a little bit sleepy. I could feel something would happen today in my heart. Something, which would change my life. It was a feeling I never have got before. I was so excited, so I went to school, without eating breakfast. As usual I met with my friends in the schoolyard. I was a little bit late, so I could already see from the far distant, how angry they were sitting in the schoolyard and waiting on me.

 I went toward my friends. My legs trembled so much, because I knew, they would scold me. But to my luck, they didn’t scold me.  We went quickly into the class, but on the way I saw a man, with some different blue clothes. He looked like a man, who lived in another world, but he still looked like a man, I have met before in my life. I didn’t know, how to describe him, but he looked like a wizard. An evil wizard. He looked vicious on me. I looked away and went into my class with my friends. I didn’t concentrate me in the math lesson. I decided to talk about the wizard with my friends in the break. I hoped in myself, they also have noticed him. After a whole lesson with math, the bell finally rang out. My friends and me ran out to get the best seats in the canteen. We got the best seats and begin to talk. There was so much to talk about with them. I pulled oneself together and told them about the wizard, I had seen before in the classroom. They looked at me like I was mad. I realized, that they have not noticed him. It was impossible, because he was in the classroom. I saw him with my own eyes. I feel unwell. I was the only one, who could see the wizard. I ran out of the canteen and could hear in the background my friends calling on me. Unfortunately on the way out, I ran into a boy. He had a tray with some food from the canteen and now the whole food lay on the floor. I looked ashamed around. Every student looked at me and among the students I saw the wizard again. He had a sneaky smile on his lips, like he has planned, it will happen. I said sorry to the boy and look up at him. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. It was the boy, I have dreamed about the day before. The whole day had been strange. First I met the wizard and now the boy, I have dreamed about before. Later in the week I met the boy again. He wanted to talk with me. I am a little bit nervous, because there has been done many weird things the recently pair days. We go into a little café, which is a very pleasant place. I liked the place so much. In the café I saw the wizard again. I got a suspicion that the boy and the wizard have a connection to each other.  That was very strange, that my friends could not see the wizard in the canteen. While I thought about the day in the canteen, the boy had call on me about seven times. He said, he has something important to talk about with me. I had no idea about what he wanted to talk about, because I do not know him well. He looked in my eyes and said he was in love with me. I had no words, because I was in shock. I knew not even what his name is or which grade he is studying in. He said, I should think about that, and answer him tomorrow on the school. He said goodbye and went out of the café. When I no longer could see the boy in the street, I ran so fast home. I sat on my bedroom the whole day and thought about I should say yes or no tomorrow. I was very confused. In the night I could not sleep well. I went to the school next day and said yes to the boy. I looked at him and realized he is a cute and beautiful boy. He told me his name is Alex and I introduced myself to him. I had not been so happy before, because I got my first boyfriend in my life. Everyday after school we went to the park and enjoy. I was the happiest girl in the world.

We had been together in over 5 months now. A day we were on the way home from the discotheque. From the long distance we both could see the wizard. I saw him again after 5 months. I was happy in these 5 months because I had not seen him, but now he was here again. Alex wanted me to run away, but I would not let him be alone, so I did not run away. The wizard came closer. Alex took a stick from his black jeans. I looked frighten on him. I realized that Alex was not a normal human from the real world. He was from the same world like the wizard. I had most inclination to run from him, because he did not told me about that before, but still he was my boyfriend, so I did not. Suddenly they both disappeared through a blue colour water portal. I sat on the road and cry. I wanted Alex back. Shortly after the wizard came out of the portal. He told me, if I want Alex back I should quickly go to his house or he will kill him. He said there was not so long time back. I ran toward his house. I was out of breath, but I press myself, because I wanted Alex back to the normal world. Finally I reached his house. I ran up to his room. I opened the door and could see his wall was full of drawing of the wizard with a big red cross over his face. I looked confused around. I began to search in his wardrobe. There was no symbol, so I searched further. On his bed there lay a doll with long black hair, which winked to me. I went closer and took the doll up. The doll told me, if I need help, she would surely help me. I took the doll with me and search in the desk. There lay a black book with a headline “The dark dangerous world.” I sat on his bed and began to read the book. I realized that Alex parents also were caught in the dark world, but why were they? I read further and in the book there stood: “If you want your closest back, you should kill the wizard of the dark world. If you need help to kill him, you can use the doll with the long black hair.” I ran out to the road again with the doll. The blue water portal was there again. I went through it and came to a very dangerous world. I looked around and there were no people. I could hear some creature sounds. I had no ideas, how I should kill the wizard with the doll. I looked back and then the wizard came toward me with Alex. Alex looked sad. I think the wizard had hit him, because his face was full of black blood. I took the doll up and strangle the wizard with the dolls black hair. He died, but suddenly there came more wizards forward. I had most inclination to run out, but I should save Alex life. Alex took his stick up and kills everyone. On the way out of the portal, a wizard catches my leg. I screamed on Alex. He came back and killed the wizard with his stick.  We finally came out of the portal and into the real world. I asked Alex why the wizard had caught him, but he would not tell me that. I was worried about why he did not tell me about that, but I surely know there is a long and exciting story behind it.

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