The fight of Tibituba


1. The fight for Tibituba




In the old land of Tibituba, evil powers ruled. With general Tan in lead, of an enormous army, with the frightened orcs, the land has been pulled into a deep shadow of the lands history, by using the dark side of the old religions power. Throughout a powerful necklace, general Tan has created thousands of disgusting and evil orcs, which had covered the land in grief.  Tibituba had in many years been an amazing land, full of forests, big mountains and undiscovered sites, just waiting for people too being explored. The nature controlled the elements. The Nairobi people had learned to be a part of this amazing nature and in many years they lived an idyllic life in the forest in their small villages, until general Tan and his evil regime took control over the land and destroyed all what came in his way. The beautiful forest was destroyed and used for the making of orcs. The land was chaotic. Every day thousands of women and children were killed by the horrible orcs and even more were on the run, to find a better and more secure place to settle. For many years this stood by. People were losing their hopes, for seeing their country once again being controlled by good powers, which could recreate the freedom and spirit of Tibituba. People who believed on the old religion still held their hopes high because of a prophecy saying that, when the land of Tibituba is pulled into the darkest and most miserable time, a special kid would be born in the villages of Tiba, The capital of Tibituba, without any mother or father, or any other sorts of family. According to the prophecy this boy child, would grow big, strong and be incapable of a huge wisdom, leading an army, strong enough to defeat the evil forces controlled by general Tan. As the prophecy said, a boy child, who came to be called Luke, was born in the villages of Tiba. As Luke grew up and the rumours of the prophecy started to become true, the people of Tibituba regained their hopes for a free country, even thought they wasn’t sure if the prophecy was plausible. For the young Luke, it was a hard time. He had lost both his parents, at the time he was born and therefore an old man  known as Obi, found him after his birth and continued to take care of Luke. Luke saw Obi as his father. Obi was the closest he ever came to having family. Like many other people, under the evil regime, Obi and Luke lived under some very poor conditions and Obi was clearly effected by his age, which made it impossible too fix the old tree house that they lived in.

Luke wasn’t the social type, but he had always had a close relationship with Nai, one of the kids who lived in the villages. They grew up, always doing things together.

Especially sword fighting, they used a lot of time doing together and from a very young age. They played a game were they pretended that they was up against the orcs, by waving their swords out in the air as if it was an orc, who stood in front of them. As they got older they battled against each other instead. They were both brilliant with a sword and it seemed so natural for them both to have a sword in their hands. One day the boys stood on a big green grass field, battling with their swords, as well as they could, when a group of men came by. It was not just anybody; it was the resistance group, who was a group of men, who stood up a fought against the cruel regime. The group was impressed by the skills the boys were incapable of and wanted him to join the group. Luke would gladly join the resistance group, but Obi tried to talk Luke out of it because, he thought that Luke wasn’t ready for it. Obi meant that he was all to young, but he couldn’t stop Luke from doing it and therefore Obi decide to tell Luke about the prophecy and how special he was. Luke couldn’t believe it in the start, but the fact that he could be the one who could save his country, motivated him even more. As the years passed, the resistance group grew larger and was suddenly capable of a pretty large army. Luke had slowly stepped up in the ranks in the resistance group and was now a part the leaders in the group. One day Luke came home to visit Obi. But it wasn’t pretty what he came home to. The orcs had burned the place up, while they killed those who couldn’t escape. Obi was one of them. Luke came home too late to save him, but he saw general Tan executing Obi, just in front of him. Luke hadn’t any chances to save him. It made Luke furious. He decided that the time had come for him to make an end on general Tan and his evil regime. He gathered his army with all its strength and more. They would take the battle against general Tan at the regimes capital. A victory here would be a game chancer.  Luke knew that if he should stop general Tan, he had to destroy the necklace. The necklace was the rote to all the evilness and without the necklace the orcs would die.

The day, where the final battle stood came and look was more ready than ever. He had gathered an enormous army, but he stood up against an army that was even larger. They where forced to be better on the field. With Luke in front of the army, the final battle begun. Luke and his army fought the best they had learned, but as the hours passed by, it looked like Luke would lose. But in the moment where Luke decided too retried and unexpected help arrives. Those threes, who haven’t been burned by the regime, had come to life and came to support, together with eagles, which threw huge rocks from the air down on the orcs. Together this help from the nature was super effective and killed a lot of orcs . The terms of the battle was chanced and general Tan was pressed like never before. Suddenly Luke saw his moment to end it all. General Tan stood almost by him self without his orcs to support him. Luke made his move and ran as fast as he could towards general Tan. He jumped up in the air, without giving general Tan any moment to react, Luke stroke his sword and hit general Tan on his necklace, so it cracked into a million pieces. In the same moment all of the orcs burned up, leaving nothing else than ashes.

The war was won and Luke honoured and inserted as new king of the land Tibituba. The country was now free again and the Nairobi people could again live in harmony with the nature

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