A world of mysteries

a girl who finds out that she has magical powers and then have to safe the world


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A World Of Fantasy

In a world of mysteries, who was known, as a real world for many years ago, is only a fantasy history today.

   The children in the leisure hear the story again, for the 100 times. They love the story about the magical place where a wizard saved the world with her friends, an elf and werewolf.


  “ABBEY” yelled my mother. I just open my eyes and look at the clock, “FUCK”; I flew up from my bed! My mother yelled again, “I come now”(maybe: “I am coming now”) I screamed.

   Before I could think about it, I lay on my bed again with clothing on, and daydreamed about my dream, again the same dream. I was the girl in the story, who safe the whole world, my dream world, from being destroyed by a bad guy called Zedrick. My mother yelled again. I ran down, took my lunch bag and ran out of the door, I must be on time!

   The whole day in school I just sat and imagine about the dream, I couldn’t concentrate, so I went home in the lunch break. The only thing I wanted was my mother wasn’t home. When I tried the door, it was locked, I was lucky!

   Something made ​​noise upstairs. I was scared but curious at the same time. I picked up my self, ran upstairs and stood face to face to a man I never had seen before. “Who are you?” I screamed! I ran back, but before I could do anything he was standing in front of me, and said, “Take it easy, I’m here to help you. You’re the one there are been chosen”.

   I sat down and thought about what I had been elected to. I couldn’t mind what it was. So I asked carefully the strange man “what have I been chosen to?” The man sat down, right to me, I looked at his face, moved a little to the left, and then he said “the dream you've had so many times before, have you ever considered why you are only dreaming that dream every day?” I sat in my own thoughts a while, and then asked, “How can you help me with my dream?” Then he asked me “have you ever heard about the story, where a wizard safe the world with her friends, an elf and werewolf, in your childhood?” Of course I had heard about that story, all have heard that story before. Then he said, "of course you have, all has. But have you ever thought about the history perhaps was real, many years ago, and the history still is real?" No it can’t be true, magical things like wizard and other magical inventories isn’t real, no it’s must be real.

   Then I realize maybe it can be true, why else would I dream that dream every night, and not another dream? Then I asked the strange man again “what should I do for helping, what? Why should I help first of all?” then he stood up next to me, and said, “come with me, then I will show you a thing, you never though was real”. I considered it once, but got up and followed him to a field, an empty field, why are we on an empty field, where no else are or have been for a while? Then he looked at me once and back on the empty field again, and this time something strange appeared, a little like a portal. Then he said to me I should take his hand and follow him. I was scared, really scared but also curious as the same time. After the portal I came to a world, where elf’s, wizards, vampire’s, werewolf’s, fairies, shape shifters and all magical creatures like that, was. I was choked; I couldn’t realize what I had to believe. But no matter what I’m here now, and now I have to find out what I have to safe, because this look like my dream.

   Then he tells me that a bad wizard called Zedrick was on the throne in “A World Of Fantasy” like it’s was called in the world where I belong. Then I was asking him “why am I the chosen one?” then he said, “It’s because you the only wizard, who are a woman left in the world”.  Then I considered that I’m not a wizard, so he must be mistaking about the person he had been taking to “A World Of Fantasy” but before I could say anything he said to me “don’t worry, I know, you don’t know, you are a wizard yet, but you will find out that you are in a while, where I will learn you some magical things, you have to learn to save this world, from being destroyed by Zedrick. But first we have to meet your new friends in this world, and you have to remember my next words carefully, this 2 persons I introduce you to, are the only 2 persons in this world besides me you can believe, all other will try to cheat you somehow”.

   The strange man I still not know the name of, introduces me to the 2 persons, if you can call them persons. Because one of them have elf ears, but in other ways he’s just like a normal guy, and the other persons looked like a person but could transform herself to an big dog, yes a dog? After I meed these 2 persons, I learnt a lot about magic and how to use magic. We got the best friendship in the world; I came too really like the persons in the period where I was in training.

   I knew the day comes near where I was having to save the world from the bad wizard Zedrick, and I also knew that it’s was only me who was a wizard women, who could save the magical world from been destroyed. And it was because Zedrick had killed all the others wizard who were women’s. Because of all that, I was moved to the normal world from birth with my mom. The act was done for saving just one wizard who was a woman from been killed by Zedrick. Zedrick didn’t know I existed and therefore I had to be careful with my actions out in public, so the most of my training of my abilities was inside the doors in a big hall, where nothing else than some books stood.

   There were only 2 days left until I had to stand face to face with him, and he wouldn’t have a clue about who I was inside, and what abilities I have.

   The day before Zedrick was coming, I ask my helper, why exactly an elf and a werewolf was chosen for helping me with the fight. Because I didn’t know exactly, why else than maybe the werewolf is forceful and strong. My helper said to me “the werewolf Adrianna have been chosen for helping you in the fight because, she is strong, forceful and therefore can help you with holding Zedrick, if it comes to an end, where you and your 2 friends have to send Zedrick to the bad end of the rainbow. This is where the bad magical persons will go when they died. The elf, Bill, has been chosen because he is fast and can fly, so he can get you away fast before Zedrick has time to do anything against you. But before he comes tomorrow. We have to make a plan for how you can get him in a trap. The only thing I have done before I involve you 3 in the trap, is a maze but we have to agree on how to get him into the trap, where you three must fight him. So if you can get Adrianna and Bill, it would be nice, 10 minutes all right?”

  I ran upstairs in the hall for get Adrianna and Bill, but only Bill was there. Bill and I ran around everywhere to find Adrianna. Finally we found her in the basement. She was there because she was training for transform into a werewolf.

   We all 3 got up to my helper again this time we all agreed that I had to stand in the middle of the maze and then my helper had to talk to Zedrick about some trade plans, and then he want to show Zedrick something in the maze. When Zedrick and my helper come to the middle, Bill, Adrianna and I have to stand there and we will fight him. Then I have to make a portal to the bad end of the rainbow, and Bill has to fly him up to the portal, take my hand and then we will push him into the bad end of the rainbow. The only thing I was hoping was that the plan went well. If something in the plan got wrong, all my new friends and I could be killed.

  Suddenly the night was over and it was the final day. The days were Zedrick would come. I woke up, met the others and we eat some breakfast together. We were talking about the plan once again before he was coming. After breakfast, Bill, Adrianna and I were led into the middle of the maze, where we had to wait for Zedrick. Nobody didn’t know, exactly when he would come. We were standing in the maze in maybe 2 hours. I didn’t exactly know how long I was standing there, because I didn’t have any clock. Finally we could hear a noise.

  Zedrick was surprised of seeing us, but before he could do anything, Adrianna had Zedrick in her arms. I made a spell against him, so he felt in to sleep, and he flew back with Adrianna. The both of them didn’t do anything but I made a choice of streaming of Bill that he had to take Zedrick before he woke up again and then I would make the portal. I was trying 3 times and all the times failed. Finally my helper came and made a portal for me, Zedrick opened his eyes just before we flew into the portal. I could not get in through the portal, so I crossed my fingers that Bill made ​​it.

   We waited and waited and nothing happened. I started crying because I finally had made a friendship with someone who could understand who I was. Because everything would change, when I went home again to my normal life, with normal people. We were nearly going back, when someone make noise from the portal. Bill flew out, landing on the ground. He just laid, and couldn’t do anything besides talking; He said, “Zedrick regained my strength inside the portal. However, he came to the bad side of rainbow but he was alive. No one knows what happened to him there. Maybe you have to come here again for saving the other world from been destroyed by him”, then Bill laughed and says “you never have to go to that bad world, never!” then my helper said to me “we will definitely remember you for what you have done for this world, and before you go home you have to come with me, to the government, where you have to sign who, there have to govern over the this world. We will definitely use you again in some other conflict, you are the best women to make choices, but you belong to the normal world with normal people, where you have lived all of your life.”

   Here ends my story, I will tell it again and again to all the kids I teaching in the normal world, but for them it’s only a story, for me it’s real.

   By the way, I had chosen Bill and Adrianna to govern over the magical world. I think they are the best to that. I still take to “A World Of Fantasy” sometimes with my children. A boy and a girl, both are wizards like me. It’s not strange because when a wizard make children with normal people they always becomes wizard, but if 2 wizard gets children together, nearly half of them will be a normal person or another magical creature. So now I’m not the only wizard who is a woman. 

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