The Shield And Spear Of Athena

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A "Percy Jackson"-like story.


4. The Journey

   The other side of the portal was, to no surprise, terrifying. It was like they were in a cave, dark and only lit by torches with fire in them. Every bone in Alexis’ body told her to go back before it was to late, but she resisted the urge to flee. Alexis and Polesia kept on walking. They had walked for about ten minutes before they reached a river, which had a bit of light coming out of it. When they reached the river, Alexis, in curiosity, tried to touch the water. But Polesia stopped her before she got the chance to. Alexis asked why she couldn’t touch the water. Polesia then told her, that if she touched the water, the souls of the dead would pull her in the water and absorb her soul. With fear she looked at the water and saw the souls of the dead in the river. Suddenly Polesia called on Alexis. She had found the boat, which would lead them to Medusa. Five minutes later they had reached a kind of castle. Polesia told Alexis that they had to be really careful, so that they wouldn’t be spotted. They then sneaked into the castle and then they went upstairs, in hope, that the shield and spear would be kept there. They went past the one door after the other, until they came to one of the last doors. There they were. The shield and spear was kept inside a huge bedroom. Alexis and Polesia went inside and took the shield and spear. But Alexis felt like, that something wasn’t right. Why would Medusa go through all of the trouble to steal Athena’s weapons, and then just let them be in a room, unprotected? But they had no time to think about that anymore. They had to get out, but how? Polesia suddenly made a portal appear out of nowhere, again. Alexis then asked, why they didn’t take a portal directly to there from the beginning. Polesia then told her, that you couldn’t make a portal appear to the centre of the underworld, because you have to be able to come over the river Styx. Before they had the chance to go through the portal Medusa came into the room. Polesia was quick to tell Alexis to close her eyes. How could they fight Medusa, if they couldn’t see her? Then it hit Alexis. They had in religion learned, that you couldn’t look into her eyes, but you could look at her reflection. To Alexis’ luck, the room was filled with mirrors. I anger Medusa sent out a lot of rays, to make them turn into stone, but it didn’t work, because they didn’t look into her eyes. So by the reflection, in the mirrors, Alexis could see, when and where Medusa sent out rays. As Medusa was about to send out a ray, Alexis held up the shield of Athena, which sent the ray back at Medusa, who turned into stone. Alexis and Polesia hurried through the portal, which closed behind them. Now they were in the alley, from where Alexis stood, when she first discovered the portal. With the shield and spear of Athena in her hands Alexis asked Polesia, what she should do now, and if she could talk to the gods. Before Polesia had the chance to answer a light from the sky hit the ground, right beside Polesia. The light had been so bright, that Alexis sight was a bit blurred.     

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