The Shield And Spear Of Athena

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A "Percy Jackson"-like story.


3. The decision

After some time of thinking Alexis asked Polesia why the gods of the Olympus wanted her to find the shield and spear of Athena. It appeared, that the gods meant, that Alexis would be able to get it back, because she was the daughter of Athena. But Alexis still couldn’t understand, and when she asked, if she could talk to the gods about it, Polesia said no. Apparently the gods was not allowed to see their kids. When Alexis asked about, why she couldn’t talk to the gods, Polesia said that it was a longer and complicated story. Polesia told Alexis, that she had no other choice, than to take assignment, and that she will be there along for the assignment, and that’s why she was sent down to Alexis. After a lot of speculations, of if she should take up the task or not, she came to the answer, that she had to take the task, to help her real mother, and maybe get the chance to meet her. Alexis then asked Polesia, if she knew, who had taken the shield and spear of Athena. Alexis didn’t see that answer coming. Polesia said, that it was Medusa, who had stolen Athena’s shield and spear, as a revenge for what she did to her. Alexis could already feel her nerves, and as much as she didn’t want to ask, she just had to. “Where do we find Medusa?” Alexis asked. “You won’t like this, but she’s in the underworld with all of the demons.” Polesia answered. Alexis regretted, that she even asked. Now she needed to know, how they would get to the underworld, and how they would reach her once they came to the underworld. To that Polesia said, that they had to go through a portal, and after that they had to take a boat over Styx, the river of the dead’s soul. Before Alexis had the chance to ask, Polesia made a portal appear right out of nowhere. As much as Alexis didn’t want to go through the portal, she knew she had to. 

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