The Shield And Spear Of Athena

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A "Percy Jackson"-like story.


5. Athena

When she finally got her sight back, the first thing she saw was a woman in a white gown and a golden leaf headband. Suddenly the woman said, “I’m so proud of you my child. You are indeed my daughter. They way you used the mirrors and my shield against Medusa was clever. All of the gods and goddess of Olympus thanks you for your bravery.” “Wait. Are you Athena? My mother?” Alexis asked. “Yes my child. I’m Athena, your mother.” Athena answered. Confused Alexis asked how it could be, that she thought, that the gods wasn’t allowed to see their children. Athena then told her, that the gods thought, that as a thank you, she was allowed to meet her. They didn’t have more time to talk, so Athena told Alexis, that no matter where in the world Alexis is, she’ll always be there for her, and that she always could ask her, if she had some question, and that she somehow would find a way of helping her. Athena then took her shield and spear and went back to Olympus through the light, but this time Alexis were prepared and closed her eyes. When she opened them again both Polesia and Athena were gone.

Alexis went home, where her mom was sitting. With both anger and concern her mom asked her where she’s been. Alexis then told her mom everything, about how she met Polesia, defeated Medusa, got the shield and Spear back and met her mom Athena. She then told her, that no matter what she’ll always be her mom, even if Athena is here real mom. 

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