The Shield And Spear Of Athena

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A "Percy Jackson"-like story.


1. A weird Happening

Alexis wakes up. She looks at her clock. It’s 7:55 am. She’s late for school. She runs around in the house, getting ready for school, as her mother says, that she’ll drive her. Alexis grabs her bag and runs out to the car. In the car her mum’s listening to the news. They’re talking about some weird event, in Athens in Greece, which happened recently. If it doesn’t affect the place, where Alexis is, then she doesn’t listen to the news.  As they arrive to the school Alexis asks her mother, if she can go home to a friend. Alexis’ mother tells her, that she doesn’t want her to go, and that she’s going to pick her up after school. In anger, towards her mother, Alexis slams the car door, as she walks into the school. Alexis’ mother looks after her with a worried look.

   Alexis knocks on the door, as she’s late for class. Everyone gives her the weird look. Alexis is not exactly one of the popular kids, in fact she only has one friend. But that’s more than enough for her. Besides, the hanging out with a bunch of girls and gossip isn’t her scenario. She rather wants to be at home and read a book or just hang out with Lara, the one and only friend she has, and just watch a movie. Alexis finds her seat, in the back of the class, next to Lara, who’s giving her the “why are you first coming now?” smile and look. In return Alexis gives her the “nothing special, just slept too long” look, as she sits down. They’re having religion and at the moment they’re studying about the Greek gods. Alexis didn’t usually like the religion classes, but there were something about the Greek gods that caught her interest. Her favourite god was the goddess and patron of the city Athens, which makes her wonder, why she didn’t have any interest in the newest event in Athens, and at this point she kind of regrets not listening to the news, because it was the topic of the day. What had happened was that someone had taken Athena’s shield and spear, form the statue of Athena in Athens. At this point the event had Alexis’ attention. For some weird reason, when she heard, what the event was about, she felt some connection to the happening. Just as she was about to ask the teacher, if they know, who did it, the bell rings. Well I can always hear about it in the news, and if not, then there’s the Internet. 

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