The Golden Eye

One day, Will finds that his sister has suddenly disappeared. Follow Will as we tell the story about him and his sister.


1. The Golden Eye

Will was almost a normal boy who went to a normal school in a normal town. He had a couple of normal friends, who he did normal things with. But wait, almost a normal boy, what is that supposed to mean? Allow me to explain; Will’s right eye was a special eye, it was a golden eye. A lot of people often stared at his eye with strange looks. Even though it was not pleasant, Will had grown used to it. But there was something Will could never forget. Let me tell you the story of Wills golden eye.

When Will was born, his right eye wouldn’t open. The doctors said, it just needed some time, but even when Will was twelve years old, the eye had still not opened. But then something happened at Will’s thirteenth birthday. His mom was off to work, and his father left when Will was little, so he was home alone with his older sister. When they were sitting in Wills room, his sister said something “This is going to be our secret,” she told him, “Use it to find me”. She put her finger on his right eyelid and suddenly the eye started hurting more badly than any pain he had ever felt before, a golden light started showing from behind his closed eyelid. When the pain was at its worst his eye opened, but he couldn’t see anything, the golden light coming from his own eye blinded him. “Claire, what’s happening?” he asked his sister, but she didn’t answer. After a few minutes the light started dimming, but everything he looked at had a golden shine to it, and Claire wasn’t to be seen anywhere. “Claire!?” He called out her name, but got no response. He got up and started walking around the house to search for Claire. She doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the house, has she gone out? He thought to himself, he turned around and looked through the window. In the window he could see his own reflection, he almost fell backwards when he saw that his right eye had opened, but that wasn’t all, the colour wasn’t blue as his left eye was, it was golden. What in the world just happened? He couldn’t think of any reasonable explanation to this. His sister had opened his golden eye and then disappeared, what kind of trick was that. Will came to the conclusion that waiting for Claire or his parents would be the best option, he was kind of happy, because his eye had opened and he wanted to show mom. Later that same day, when mom came home, she almost cried out of happiness, but when will told her about what had happened she asked “Claire, who is Claire?” Will looked at her with a tilted head, “My sister, your daughter” he said. His mother looked very confused, “What are you talking about, Will, you’ve never had a sister”. Will looked even more confused, he couldn’t even get a word past his lips; they just stood there, looking each other.

Since that day Will had been going to a psychologist, nobody except for himself can remember Claire, but he was certain that she had existed, and that she was the one, who had opened his eye that day 2 years ago. He frequently thought about her, he wondered about what could have happened, and especially what she said to him before she disappeared, “This is going to be our secret” she had said, what was that supposed to mean. It has to be something related to my eye. Another year passed, and Will kept living on, as if nothing had happened. But then, at his sixteenth birthday, when he was walking home from school, he started feeling the same pain in his eye, which he had felt exactly 3 years ago. Everything he looked at started shining with a golden colour. What am I supposed to do, he thought to himself. He started thinking about Claire, and what she had told him 3 years ago. “Use it to find me,” as soon as those words ran trough his mind, a golden platform formed itself beneath Will’s feet. On the platform stood a giant golden gate, which was closed with golden bars creating a grid. Will stood there for a couple of minutes, just stood there, wondering what the hell was going on. “Hello” he called out. He wasn’t really expecting an answer, but he felt like, he wouldn’t get anywhere by just standing there. Surprisingly, a high-pitched voice from the other side of the gate, quickly responded with “Who are you and what do you want!?” Will was surprised by the little voice, but he quickly yelled, “My name is Will, and I’m here to find my sister, Claire!”
“Aha! The chosen one has arrived!” the little voice said, as a little, green gnome appeared on top of the gate, “We will return your sister, if you can solve our riddle within 5 minutes, but beware, you will only get one shot.” “If you have me, you don’t share me. If you share me, you don’t have me. What am I?” said the gnome. Will thought for what felt like an eternity, he had to answer this question right, if he wanted to get Claire back. “Time’s up!” said the gnome, “I need an answer immediately!” Will desperately tried to come up with an answer, and then it hit him. “A secret.” he said. The gnome nodded, acknowledging Will’s answer, “Very nice, you may enter.“ The golden bars started lifting, opening up the gate for Will to pass through. As soon as Will had placed his foot on the other side, all of the golden things disappeared. Will was standing back at the sidewalk, on his way home from school. Was I imagining things? He thought to himself. He said they would return Claire if I answered correctly. Not left with much of a choice, Will decided to go home. The first thing he noticed was the pink bicycle in the driveway. Did mom get a new bike? Do we have visitors? He asked himself, as a slight feeling of hope and relief, started running through his body. He ran to the door and opened it with a quick swipe. In the entre stood a girl, Will already knew who she was, even though she looked a bit older, than she had 3 years ago. They both opened their arms and as they embraced each other, Claire whispered, “Our secret, right?”

The end.

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